Program Launch: Working Moms on the Move


Yay!! This day has been in the works for a while and we are so excited to finally launch our new project.

Say hello to Working Moms on the Move (WMOM)! Our new program is aimed at inspiring and encouraging you to find a little time during your busy day to fit some kind of movement in – whether it be going out for a run, walk, doing some yoga or taking a fitness class – do what you love and find interesting. That’s really the key to long-term fitness right?

This new program is not about giving each one of you a specific workout plan. It’s about being a source of empowerment and creating a supportive community for you. It’s led by our blogger Jillian, who after having a baby a few months ago is in tip-top shape and myself, who is working my way back to fitness more slowly. In addition, ALL of our bloggers are involved in some way. How cool is that?

Right off the bat, let’s be open about something – this is a membership based program. While everything else here on the site is free, and always will be, this new program is $60 for an entire year. Break that down and it’s just $5/month. We think you’re getting a steal! You can pay easily and securely using our “subscribe” button that you’ll find on the program’s page.

So, what exactly encompasses WMOM? You can get the full details here but to sum it up you get:

  1. To join a private, online support group via facebook. (You must have a facebook account)
  2. Exclusive knowledge about mom-friendly events.
  3. Your own swanky workout shirt sent right to your door (U.S. residents only). You’ll love it, trust me.
  4. Special deals from all of our fabulous sponsors – see below!!

For $60/year that’s a lot of cool stuff! Check out the program page, sign up to get started and of course, email if you have questions:

We have the coolest most fabulous sponsors around. These organizations and companies signed on to support this program before it even launched because they believe in it so much. From time-to-time, members of WMOM will get special discounts and awesome deals direct from these folks.

A huge thank you to them!

2 comments on “Program Launch: Working Moms on the Move”

  1. I know I may be a bit biased, but honestly nothing else has motivated me to hit play on the workout DVD more than being a part of the WMOM clan!

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