Left Neglected: A Book Review


If you have ever been to the adult section of the library with a three year old and a two year old, you truly understand the meaning of judging a book by its cover. If you see something that looks remotely interesting, or has a pretty cover with an inviting font, you grab it. During my last trip to the library with my girls a book caught my attention, not just because of the cover or font, but because of the author’s name, Lisa Genova. Lisa Genova wrote the book, Still Alice, which I absolutely loved, so I scooped up this other book written by her, titled Left Neglected. It was a great choice!

As a busy working Mom you will immediately relate to the main character of the book, Sarah Nickerson. Sarah Nickerson is Vice President of Human Relations for Berkley Consulting in Boston. She is a power player, a working mom of three, a wife, a daughter, and a friend. If she were real, we would be nagging her to come and blog for us.

Clearly, Lisa Genova understands the pressures and decisions that working moms face on a daily basis. The author graduated valedictorian from Bates College with a degree in Biopsychology, has a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University, and has written two New York Times Best Sellers! She is an inspirational working mom.

Left Neglected immediately lures you into the hectic life of the Nickerson family, the constant coming and goings, pick ups and drop offs, and decisions of choosing family over work and work over family. This all comes to a sudden halt when one unfortunate morning Sarah is in a car accident that leaves her with a traumatic brain injury.

The story of Sarah battling her injury to regain her independence is inspirational and emotional. Along the way we learn about her relationship with her mother, her relationship with her husband, and her expectations about herself.

The two things that I love most about the book, and I don’t want to be a spoiler, is that first, Sarah never gives up on her desire to have a career. In the face of all her hardship she continues to view herself as a woman with a career. A woman with an education who is determined to put that education to work to provide for her family, in whatever capacity she is able. Secondly, Sarah loves Vermont and is drawn to the beauty and calmness that the state is able to provide her throughout the healing process. Sarah Nickerson, Lisa Genova and I would all enjoy sipping cocktails together at Sweetwater’s on Church Street in Burlington, because yes,Vermont really is that awesome!

If you are looking for a great read, I would highly recommend Left Neglected.

2 thoughts on “Left Neglected: A Book Review

  1. great book! i loved it and at first when i was reading it i thought it may be about “neglecting” her kids. (I never read what books are about because it ruins it for me!) but it was a great read and eye opener to a disease i never knew existed.


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