Foster Care Follow Up – How Can You Help?


Thank you so much for all the wonderful feedback on my last post!  A couple of you asked how you could help so I put together a list of ideas.  Remember, every little (or not so little!) bit helps – it definitely takes a village.

  • Become a licensed respite care provider (it’s a fancy word for ‘babysitter’) and help give a foster parent a much-deserved break!
  • If you know a foster parent, reach out and see if there is a way you can help them. On top of regular parenting responsibilities, foster parents also have to juggle social workers, regular home inspections, court dates, therapy, parent visits, training, paperwork, and so much more. A helping hand goes a long way in finding balance.  Cook a meal, mow the lawn, make a grocery run!
  • Also, if you know a foster parent, be an emotional support for them. Celebrate each child that comes into the home (though they haven’t come under the best circumstances, the opportunity to know and love them can be a celebration) and mourn each child that leaves.  Send a card, grab a cup of coffee, and just listen. 
  • Crafty? Part of a service, church, youth or other group? Give a helping hand to the Everyone Needs a Nest Project.
  • Have any extra beds/bedding/toys/books or old baby items? Donate them to a foster family! Clean out while helping out!  Contact CAFAP or your local DCF office to find a good home for your things.
  • Alternatively, organize a tag sale with a bunch of neighbors and donate the proceeds to CAFAP.
  • Are you a photographer, knitter, or crafter? Offer some time and a gift to a foster family. My children still sleep with the beautiful knit blankets they received when they came into care and I can’t tell you how important pictures are to help a child feel included and a real part of a family. It’s often the little things that count the most.
  • Donate a suitcase or money to Suit Cases 4 Kids and help give children some dignity.
  • Help save the very valuable Adoption Tax Credit – ‘like’ the facebook page and learn more about how you can support!

5 comments on “Foster Care Follow Up – How Can You Help?”

  1. Sarah, it’s such a win/win. I donated almost all of our baby gear once Audrey outgrew it to a single family (through CAFAP) this spring – my basement is decluttered (ish) and I know these big ticket items are going to great use by a caring family. LOVE.

  2. These are such great, specific suggestions!! Thank you for this post! I have lots of baby gear that I have been trying to find a good home for- I will contact CAFAP this week to find a use for it there. Our local playgroup always donates gear to DCF for the same reason. NEVER heard of Suit Cases 4 Kids either, and this sounds so wonderful- I will keep them in mind for sure as we clean out the attic this fall. Thank you!!

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