29 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years


In no particular order…

<drum roll please>


  1. There are absolutely NOT enough hours in the day to get everything you need done. I now understand they saying “A mother’s work is never done!”
  2. What works for some, might not work for others. Remember this if you find yourself giving/receiving advice.
  3. Truly forgiving someone for something they did is a freeing experience.
  4. You really do realize what true love means when you see your child for the first time. Simply magical!
  5. It is better to have a few amazing, supportive, close friends as opposed to an abundance of acquaintances.
  6. Always treat others with respect and kindness, no matter how difficult it may seem at the time (you never know what someone may be going through in their personal life)
  7. You MUST…I repeat MUST make time for things you enjoy. I am always a much happier person when I can get my creative juices flowin’! Pursue your passion!
  8. No matter how difficult life may seem, no matter what you might be going through, there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. You will get through it!
  9. A child’s smile can make you forget all that is wrong in this world.
  10. It’s ok not to be perfect. Nobody is (even if they think they are)!
  11. There is no shame in asking for help when you need it.
  12. Remember to take time for yourself…you will be a better parent/spouse/partner if you do!
  13. It’s ok to stand up for yourself and what you think is right. Just remember to refer to #5 on this list.
  14. Never take life for granted.
  15. It’s ok to go to bed angry (sometimes). It’s amazing how different the world looks after a good night’s rest!
  16. You should take time to smell the roses. Both figuratively AND literally.
  17. There is no greater love than the love a parent has for their child. It’s pretty incredible.
  18. You really should think before you speak. (I have a really difficult time with this).
  19. Practice random acts of kindness. It can really brighten up someone’s day and I promise you will love the feeling you get when you do it!
  20. By saying you cannot do something you are only setting yourself up for failure. A positive mindset is half the battle.
  21. There is no such thing as a fairy tale marriage. It takes hard work, compromise, and devotion.

    Soul mates
  22. Children are little sponges, absorbing the world around them. Be careful what you say and how you act in front of them!
  23. BE YOURSELF!!!!
  24. You will not (and should not) be remembered for the clothes you wore, the car you drove, your material possessions, but instead for how you treated others and the difference you made in the lives of those around you. Live your legacy!
  25. Try to keep an open mind. You will be surprised what you can learn from others.
  26. Try your best to roll with the punches and be flexible. You know what they say…”The best laid plans of mice and men.”
  27. You can never learn too much. Constantly exercise your most precious muscle…your brain!
  28. It is ok to make mistakes…as long as you learn from them.
  29. It is SO important to live in the moment. So often we get wrapped up with things that, in the big scheme of things, do not really matter.


2 comments on “29 Things I’ve Learned in 29 Years”

  1. Great advice Carly!
    I particularly love #15…it is ok to go to bed angry some times. The morning always presents you with a new perspective. And, you are right on with #5.

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