Tasty Thursday: Flourless Chocolate Cake


For the last few years for my Mother-in-Law’s birthday, I make her this Flourless Chocolate Cake as a gift.    (Today happens to be her birthday—Happy Birthday, Mo!)  I had first made the cake when Hubby and I had her over for dinner when we first moved in together, and it instantly became her most-requested dessert of me.  On her big day, we don’t put candles in this cake or eat it at her birthday dinner.  I bring it to her mummified in plastic wrap and tied up in a bow, ready for the freezer.

This Flourless Chocolate Cake is her go-to cake: she brings it out for company, or simply whenever she has a chocolate craving.  I make this cake once a year for her, because it lasts that long.  That’s right—not only is this cake delicious and easy to make, but it will last nearly forever in the freezer, making it perfect for when you need a quick dessert for company (or a midnight snack).  It’s also extremely rich, so a small sliver of cake goes a long way.  Give it a try for your next birthday girl or boy!

Flourless Chocolate Cake

(adapted from Friberg’s “The Professional Pastry Chef,” Chocolate Decadance)

6 oz dark chocolate

7 oz unsweetened chocolate

½ + 1/8 cup water

6 oz granulated sugar

9 oz unsalted butter at room temperature

6 eggs

3 oz granulated sugar


Cut dark chocolate and unsweetened chocolate into small pieces.  Bring the water and 6 oz sugar to a boil.  Remove from heat and add the chocolate; stir until chocolate is melted and completely incorporated.  Add the butter, in chunks, stirring until melted.  Set aside at room temperature.

Whip the eggs with 3 oz of sugar at high speed for about 3 minutes.  The mixture will be light and fluffy, but don’t over whip—too much air will make the finished cake crumbly and difficult to work with.  Gently fold the chocolate mixture into the egg mixture.  The chocolate mixture can be warm, but not hot.

Pour the batter into an 8-inch cake pan, the bottom lined with parchment paper and the sides sprayed with non-stick spray.

Bake at 350 degrees in a water bath for about 40 minutes or until the top feels firm.  Refrigerate at least two hours, preferably overnight.  The cake needs to be completely set before finishing.

Unmold the cakes by warming the bottom of the cake pan over a burner, then invert onto a plate.  Peel the parchment paper off the top of the cake.  Finish the cake with whipped cream and berries, if desired.

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