Create it Saturday: Memory Jar

 Our fabulous blogger Sarah wrote a great post about preserving your memories painlessly through the use of online photo books (which, I might add, I am a HUGE fan of)! Have you also ever found yourself thinking, “Oh that was so funny! I wish I wrote it down!” when referring to something your child did or said? Maybe a fun adventure you went on? At the time you think there is no possible way you will forget it… but time passes and the memory becomes a little hazy, you start forgetting important details which can be super frustrating. This has happened to me too many times so I have decided it was time to create a solution to this problem: A Memory Jar!

This can be as simple or as creative as you want it to be!


My Ingredients:

  • mason jar
  • ribbon
  • chalkboard paint
  • chalk
  • glue gun

Step 1: First I painted one side of the jar with chalkboard paint and let it dry for approximately an hour.

Step 2: I glued the ribbon around the top portion of the jar and made a bow.

Step 3: I then used chalk to write the words “Memory Jar” with the year “2012.”

Step 4: Leave it accessible along with a little pad of paper and a pen.

Step 5: Start jotting down memories as they happen.


I think I am going to do this every year and then make a tradition of going through them as a family on New Year’s Day when we will empty our jar and start fresh for the new year!  (The “old” memories can maybe go into some kind of scrapbook which will be fun to take out year after year).


We would LOVE to see your Create it Saturday creations! Please share with us by uploading a picture to our facebook page!!!

Remember to…

Contemplate, Create, Celebrate!




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