All the single ladies!


Breaking news: Single parenting is HARD FREAKING WORK. (All the single mamas out there are rolling their eyes at me now thinking, “Thank you, CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.”

But, seriously. I’ve been meaning to write about this for a while now… My sister is the single mom to my ten-year-old nephew. And? She works full time. AND?! She’s going to school to get her RN.

AND!?!? After the week I had last week, I fully intend to lavish her with many gifts and pastries for her bravery.

My husband and I usually take a vacation to upstate Vermont every summer to his family’s lake cottage. It’s so peaceful and out of the way and full of great times and wonderful friends.

Or. At least it was before we had two teeny kids. We went last year as a family when Audrey was about three months old and Olivia was newly two. And we brought Hunter, too (our nephew). The two older kids were fine, but have I mentioned that Audrey was colicky? Ha. Let’s just say that wasn’t the best idea I ever had in my life.

So, this year, even though she’s a million times better, I apparently am still suffering from PTSD over last year’s “vacation” (plus I had to work), so I sent the boys up for four days on a “brocation” while I took on the role of lone wolf with the girls.

You guys? It was only four days and my sister even popped over twice to “visit” (aka CHECK IN ON ME OMG, I CAN DO IT!) and it was still the hardest work I’ve ever had to do.

Being solely responsible for two toddlers 24 hours a day is… the opposite of vacation. I am not going to lie to you. We may have had cereal for dinner.


And? I may have forgotten to brush Olivia’s teeth one morning before school.

And Audrey did NOT want Mommy to put her to bed. No. Never. While she and I were in a battle of the wills, both crying, Tom and Hunter were doing this:

But, we survived (and I won that battle!!!)…

You can see on my face how close I was to giving up.

And while we even had some really great times, just me and my girls, I have never appreciated my husband OR single parents more than when he and Hunter rolled back into town Thursday night.

Hats off to all of you who do it day in and day out 365, ladies. You freakin’ RULE.

3 comments on “All the single ladies!”

  1. Ha! I just had a realization like this a couple of weeks ago. Craig went to a conference for 4.5 days. I only had ONE kid to watch, and I was unsure most days if I was wearing pants when I walked out the door. Single moms are saints.

  2. Big kudos to you and your hubby – I’m sure it was HARD, but that brocation probably meant the world to your nephew!! Makes me verklempt just thinkin about it.

    1. Oh, Elise… I didn’t even DELVE into how awesome that part was. I love that they got a little time just to themselves… no little girls running around demanding attention and whining and yelling. Just Hunter and Uncle time. Love. 🙂

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