37 Things I have Learned in Life so Far!


* Wow, Really – I ask my Husband are we 37??  Honestly after age 31 it’s been a blur or maybe I just stopped counting.

Here are some things I have learned along the 37 years of my life.

  • There are a few friends that will be with you for life!
  • Red wine really does help almost any situation – in moderation of course.
  • I am a great Mom!
  • Respect isn’t just given freely, sometimes it has to be earned.
  • “We do not remember days, just moments.” — Cesare Pavese
  • I’m stronger than I give myself credit for – emotionally, mentally and physically.  For proof, I climbed Mt Washington 6,288 feet to the summit, highest peak on the east coast.
  • The best dinners are the ones my husband makes ; )
  • Dust bunnies sometimes live in our home.  Instead of being a neat freak, I cherish the moments we get to spend together. Kids aren’t going to fondly remember me sweeping but they may remember the time we spent together doing something.
  • I still hate to exercise & the scale hates me.
  • Sunsets always look more amazing on vacations!
  • Family dinners together around the table are important to me.
  • I’m like my mother in some ways. {SIGH}
  • Baby and kid giggles can chase away a crappy mood instantly, they should bottle that stuff.
  • Everyone, everyone has problems, no one’s life is perfect.
  • Snuggling on the couch at night or in bed early morning with your significant other is bliss.
  • Coffee rocks!
  • Autumn is My FAVORITE time of year! Apple picking, pumpkin farms, apple cider, apple pies, crisp cool air . . . what more could you ask for?
  • Real Christmas trees are the best – they fill your house with lovely pine smell and the experience of going to cut one down or pick one out is fun.  Cleaning up pine needles in March still left over from Christmas not so much.
  • Texting is not really keeping “in touch” sometimes you need to pick up the phone and talk to your loved ones and friends.
  • You will miss your 20’s but you come into your own in your 30’s.
  • Once you have a child you understand the term “I would give my life for them.”
  • Magic Erasers really are magical – they help get that dirt out.
  • You are never to old to have a dream!
  • Date a lot before you’re 25 (dating isn’t to be misunderstood for being loose).
  • A good girl chat with friends is needed now and then.
  • Cars need more than just gas and oil changes – pay attention to the maintenance needed (learned that the hard way).
  • Sometimes the best gatherings are those not planned, spur of the moment ones.
  • HOLIDAYS are stressful for everyone.
  • Always hug & kiss your loved ones good-bye! ♥
  • Turning 30 wasn’t what I expected.  I hope 40 will be a blast and I want a PARTY!!!!
  • Smiles are contagious ; )
  • Mascara can change your mood and make you look like you’re awake when coffee doesn’t help.
  • If you sit still, sometimes nature will come to you.
  • Always pee before you leave the house.
  • Home is anywhere your loved ones are.
  • God made me unique and although I may not know it all or why I am here, I am a work in progress!
  • Save mementoes to pass on to future generations!

Wow, that was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! I’m sure as soon as I hit the post button I will think of 12 more things that would have been much better to include, but for now these are some things I have learned in life.  Of course some wonderful things have already been mentioned by my fellow blogger mommas but I was trying my hardest not to repeat any…hope I succeeded.

Oh, wait I have to add – Wear SUNSCREEN!

3 comments on “37 Things I have Learned in Life so Far!”

  1. I totally agree that baby/kid giggles are amazingly healing and wonderful! I also LOVE Autumn and am really looking forward to it this year. And I laughed at peeing before leaving the house. 😉

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