Magical Monday: Forgiveness


This Magical Monday let’s try something VERY challenging and VERY empowering (this might have to be done after the work-day as you may need a quiet moment and a shot of tequila). First, picture the person (or persons) in this lifetime who has really posed a challenge for you. And by “challenge” I mean someone who has made you feel angry, infuriated, betrayed, rage, victimized or something else equally terrible.  It could be an on-going challenge, something that happened in your childhood, or just a one-incident thing.

Okay, now that you have this horrible-excuse-for-a-person in your head let’s take a BIG step back and try to take a GIANT overview: picture yourself in the heavenly realms planning this current lifetime. Surrounding you are all the souls that have agreed to play a part in your life. The friends, families, partners, and children you currently have in your life now are also the souls you’re close to in the other realms and they’ve agreed to weave their soul’s purpose into yours so you can all bring out your own strengths and gifts in this lifetime. If you can buy this scenario, then can you believe that the person who has challenged you (enraged you, victimized you, betrayed you) is also your BIGGEST cheerleader and SUPPORTER on the other realms? Can you believe that entering into this challenging relationship was something you BOTH agreed on so you can BECOME MORE OF YOU WHO ARE?

(Now’s the time for that tequila shot if you have it handy.)

Most people when they first hear such a thing, want to throw things at me. I get it. I understand. WHO wants to believe what we AGREED to be treated badly? And who wants to believe that that horrible-excuse-of-a-person is not really the asshole they’re pretending to be (even though they may be doing a damn fine job of it?).

This is called Radical Forgiveness and to quote : “What brings about such a radical shift in perception – especially in situations where one feels very vicitimized and hurt? Surprisingly, it requires only a willingness to accept the possibility that life is not simply a series of random and haphazard events but is, in fact, the unfoldment of a Divine plan that is unfolding for us exactly how it needs to unfold for our spiritual growth. In other words, every event, however pleasant or unpleasant, has been called forth by a Higher Aspect of ourselves that knows exactly what we need for our own healing. When we live more out of that idea than the victim story, life begins to work perfectly.”

When you can integrate such a shift in perception, life really does take on a new and  higher meaning. I don’t really get mad at ANYONE anymore, because I know any perceived injustice is just them acting out their part in our agreement. When looking at life like this, you have A LOT less buttons to push.

Speaking of buttons, though, this really is a hot-button topic and requires much more discussion, so I’ll talk more about it more in next week’s Magical Monday.  In the meantime, I want to clarify that FORGIVING someone DOES NOT mean you have to have them in your life. Just because this soul may be your best friend in the higher realms (because it really does take someone that close to you to agree to bring on hurtful situations) doesn’t mean you have to be best friends in this reality.

So, do you think you can do it? Look at the person who has hurt you most and be grateful for the part they’ve played in your growth? It’s not for the faint of heart, but it is one of the most powerful things you’ll EVER do for yourself.

To get more of an idea about Radical Forgiveness, I HIGHLY recommend the book by the same name.  You can also explore the page that I quoted above and visit my Sparkle Mission #3.

Till next Magical Monday….♥


6 comments on “Magical Monday: Forgiveness”

  1. This does feel like a hard thing, but I like the idea. Kind of like remembering any ex-boyfriends that have hurt me, and thanking them for setting me on the path for meeting my husband…

    1. Right on, Gena! Though there is that ONE boyfriend that even though I’ve thanked him for being a prick, I’d still like to never have contact with him again. 😉

  2. Wow. I had to take a deep breath after reading this. I love the idea of radical forgiveness but it feels really, really hard. Looking forward to future posts on this topic!

    1. It IS really, really hard at first…but then after you accept it and integrate it a huge weight lifts never to come back again. Love you, Dear Sister. ♥ (The book is really amazing.)

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