I have blown my cover. I am a mom.


This past weekend I went to a wedding.  Two of my favorites became Mr. & Mrs., threw a hell of a party, and served delicious cake.  It was quite the scene.  The husband and I had the whole night to ourselves, Jake had a camp out at my parents’, I was dressed in my finest J.Crew end-of-season sale, and the man in his best Burberry suit.  We totally went all out.  And then I saw one of my best girlfriends at the church and then it all went to Mom.  Literally.  Sometimes being a mom is like being in a sorority.  Once a sister, always a sister.  Same holds true for being a mom- you now have this instant bond with other moms and you don’t have to hold back about talking about gross things that may come out of your child, or preface any sentence with, “TMI.”  You can pretty much just let it rip, and the mom you are talking with won’t even bat an eye.  While my girl and I didn’t have anything gross to share (disappointed?), we did have quite a bit to talk about.  We chattered away until we were politely asked by the staff at the Bond Ballroom to please, “find your seats.”

Since entering the Mom Zone, whenever I am in a social situation and there is a mom to chat it up with, I find it to be an instant invitation to do just that.  I can find a commonality with pretty much any mom out there- regardless of age difference in the two of us, or in our kids, moms can dish it like the best of them.  And if I blow my cover? Well, so be it.  There may not have been a big old diaper bag around my shoulder at the wedding (replaced by a tiny little Gucci bag that barely fit my iPhone, lip gloss and mints, let alone a bag of snacks and toy airplane), but yep, my cover was definitely blown.  I’m not sure what could have given it away first: talking about baby North Face fleece jackets, making baby smoothies to sneak in veggies, or running schedules with a toddler.  Either way, if you happened to walk by these two cute girls mid-convo, you would have known in an instant- Mom!

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