Create it Saturday: Toilet Paper Pumpkin

Well, the good thing is that just by reading the title of this post, you know you have at least one of the things needed to make this fun fall craft…that’s right…toilet paper! Fall is definitely my favorite season and this super easy-to-make pumpkin definitely looks great as my new dining room table centerpiece. It’s the perfect festive accent and I will be able to display it throughout the Fall (not just around Halloween)!



  • roughly 22″ x 22″ square of fabric (fall colors look best – think oranges, yellows, browns, and reds)
  • 1 Double Roll of Toilet Paper
  • Batting – roughly 14″ x 14″ square (paper towels or a plastic grocery bag can be substituted)
  • 1 brown paper grocery bag
  • hot glue (or tape)
  • 2 silk fall leaves


The above picture shows a paper towel roll as one of the materials. I later decided to use the paper bag for a stem instead.

What to do:

1. Lay out the fabric and then place the batting on top. Place the roll of toilet paper in the center. (If you don’t have batting, you can substitute semi-crumpled up paper towels, or even plastic grocery bags to add texture.)

2. Begin pulling up the fabric and tucking it down into the center of the toilet paper roll. Once you finish doing this all the way around, you will have your pumpkin.

3. Now, you’ll want to make a stem for your pumpkin by cutting a portion of the brown paper bag and crumpling/squishing it (very technical terms) until it looks the way you want. Then, insert it into the center of your pumpking (the middle of the toilet paper roll).

4. Time to add your fake leaves accents. Simply stick them on either side of the stem and use either glue or tape to keep them in place.


“Mr. Pumpkin” (sung to the tune of “Mr. Thumbkin”)

Mr. Pumpkin,
Mr. Pumpkin,

Round and fat.
Round and fat.

Harvest time is coming.
Harvest time is coming.

Yum, yum, yum.
That is that!



Please note that Create it Saturday will now be moving to Thursdays and will be called “Thrifty Thursdays!” See you then!


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