Magical Monday: Another Round of True Confessions!

It’s no secret around here that I LOOOVE to air my dirty laundry! While I love our confessions page here on CTworkingmoms, I also like to attach my name to my hidden secrets, just because it’s so darn liberating. I also find that after I read others’ True Confessions I end up loving them a little bit more ~ making yourself vulnerable makes you easier to relate to.  So, are you ready? Here is some of my latest dirt:

* My sweet baby Kai gave me my first ever black eye last week with his big-hard-baby-head. I’ve found it incredibly embarrassing walking around with a black eye, because let’s face it ~ when you see a grown woman walking around with a black eye, what’s your first assumption? That her husband beat her? I’m sorry to say that would be my first assumption (until now!). I’ve made it a point to tell every stranger how I got my black eye just so they know my husband is not the culprit. I am not proud of ANY of this in ANY way.

* My sweet baby Kai had a lot of trouble sleeping lately and I’ve uttered far too many swear words in the middle of the night.

*  I can rattle off an infinite number of things I LOVE about my kids, but I’m finding it hard to rattle off many things that I currently love about Mothering. I’m hoping it’s the sleep deprivation that’s getting in my way.

* (Warning: the following is so disgusting that I suggest you put down any food you may be consuming.) When changing my baby’s diaper a couple of weeks ago, some poop fell out of the diaper and onto the floor. My dog quickly came over and ate it up before I could stop her. Since then I’ve called my dog over to eat up any other poop (baby or cat) that may find its way to the floor. My husband is mortified.

* I’ve asked my children to stop telling me their made up knock-knock jokes. While I hate to squash their creativity, I just can’t put myself through that kind of torture anymore.

* I bought a bag of Halloween candy for hubby and me. Our kids know nothing about it.

* My husband and I never fight behind closed doors. We fight and make-up in front of our children. I’m okay with this.

* When my children, who are homeschooled, give me a hard time about running errands or walking the dog during the day, I’ve been known to threaten them with school. I know I should stop doing this, but it’s the only thing that seems to get through to them.

*  I miss the smell of my baby’s poop when he was exclusively breastfeeding. Now that he eats regular food, he just stinks like the rest of us.

You love me a little more now, don’tcha? Share with me some of your dirty little secrets and I’ll love you a little more too. 😉

Did I say THAT?

16 thoughts on “Magical Monday: Another Round of True Confessions!

  1. Haha – love this and we fight and make-up in front of our daughter too and I’m ok with it. I think it’s important for my daughter to see that there can be conflict in a marriage but that you can overcome it with love. And there’s lots of love in our house. Thanks for brightening my day, as always 🙂


      1. Phil and I fight in front of the kids too, and I actually think it is pretty healthy for them to see. We try to not have discussions about our parenting disagreements in front of them though, because those sneaky buggers will use it against us. Sometimes we don’t always agree in the end even, but we try to not leave the room still mad and at least “hug it out.”


      2. We rarely fight in front of Lillian, not by my choice but by my husbands. I think that arguing and making up in front of your kids can be a good thing. Growing up my parents NEVER fought in front of us and because of that I think we didn’t learn how to have healthy arguements and to engange in conflict resolution. Those were skills I had to learn as I became an adult that I wished my parents had taught me.


      3. Hmmm…sounds like a good blog post! I’ve always wondered how people don’t fight in front of their children because fights are so “in the heat of the moment.” Do you postpone your anger? I’d love to know!


  2. Ummmm I was actually under the impression that every mom ever buys secret Halloween candy and eats it. OOPS, hahahahahhaha 🙂

    Here are a few of mine…

    -I cannot WAIT TO BE DONE NURSING. My “baby” is almost 17 months and down to just nighttime, and I cannot wait to be done. I will do so many cartwheels and cheer. I might miss it someday, but that day is not today.

    -I currently hate cooking dinner even though I love to cook. I’m sick of it and in a rut and couldn’t care less that I’ve been taking shortcuts with our meals (even though they’re less “wholesome”). I hope I snap out of this soon.

    -I really enjoy when my son is at preschool. I love hanging out with him, but he really needs that time on his own, and I really like having my baby alone for a little while.


  3. I just heart you. I have received a few black eyes from my son during the nights he sleeps with me. I also told the kids not to tell me jokes or sing to much in front of me, because its like nails against the black board.


  4. I can totally relate to the jokes. My son is into “why did the chicken cross the street?” (to get ice cream…to see a movie…because he wanted to…). Shoot me.


    1. I am so glad to hear that you can relate, but so sorry you have to go through it too! 😉 I plan on remembering some of them so I can retell them when the boys are older and they’ll understand. lol.


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