Working Mom’s Hair

Remember the day you could roll out of bed, take a twenty-minute relaxing shower and then blow dry and straighten your hair?  I can’t, well not since having a child. Those were the days when I would look amazing with my long swept hair, always trimmed and put together. I think about it now and wish I had listened to all of the other mothers out there when they told me to CHERISH the time you have to make yourself look presentable.

I used to look like this…

Now after having a child and working full-time, any extra time I have to sleep, spend with my husband or make it to the gym seems more important than spending 25-45 minutes on my hair.


Now I look like this in the morning


So now I do a few things to help make my morning schedule easier and have a few extra minutes of sleep. I take a shower at night after my son has gone to bed. I find it not only helps relax me for bedtime but I also can shave my legs and relax in peace. Sometimes I will blow dry my hair but most times I do not. So then I am either stuck with flat hair or a mess in the morning. That is until I started looking up easy hairstyles and I found a fabulous trick. It is heatless curls that you set up over night. I do not use it every day but every once in a while when I want to look like my old sexy self I use the following instructions to do my hair.

Hopefully this will make my fellow mommas feel gorgeous again without having to put an hour into it. Do you have any hair tips for working mothers or tricks to help save time?


3 thoughts on “Working Mom’s Hair

  1. I love this video (and her blog actually). I tried this a few months ago and it works great. I recommend not wrapping the hair too tightly though so that the curls don’t get too kinky. I’ll have to try the two french braids. 🙂


  2. Katie i LOVE IT!!! I need to try it out this weekend and see how it works! I wash my hair at night and put it in two french braids so that i wake up with wavy hair in the morning. That has saved me time in the morning from whipping out the blow dryer and diffuser and everything else to maintain my waves. This is great!


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