Fashion Forward Friday- Fall Classic


If there is one item in my Fall wardrobe that has been Ms. Old Reliable year after year, it is my tall brown riding boots.  Every girl has a pair.  And if you’re like me, you may have been on the hunt for Ms. Old Reliable season after season until you find “your” pair and never let it out of your sight.  We’ve all been there- buying cheapy plastic “pleather” boots trying to save a little cash, and then after wearing them for the first full weeks of fall, they really prove to you that old adage, You Get What You Pay For! Well, after years of doing this, and trying to fake my way ’till I made my way through law school, once I went out into the real world, I was determined to finally part ways with plastic squeaky knock offs, and get my runner’s calves into some real leather.  Enter Steve Madden’s Intyce Boots

These boots are surreal.  They have been my go-to-boot for the past three seasons, and show no sign of wear, tear, or slouch.  In fact, I think they got softer with age, and have become even more comfortable than when I first bought them.  These boots will change your life. 

Just like LeVar Burton says on Reading Rainbow, Don’t Take My Word For It!  Check out all of the boards on Pinterest- guarantee you will see Intyce boots popping up everywhere.  Or, check out all of the reviews from happy girls just like me on Amazon, and Steve Madden’s web page.  ALL.  HAPPY.  FEET.

Do you have a favorite pair of tall boots for fall?  Any plastic boot regret you want to share? 

8 comments on “Fashion Forward Friday- Fall Classic”

  1. Oh Meg, Do SHARE! A friend of mine at the office just bought a delicious pair of Fryes and already i’m thinking they need to by on my christmas list this year! I’ve never bought a pair before, but from all that i’ve read, i think they’re definitely worth the investment.

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