A New Collaboration!


I am so excited to let you know that CTWorkingMoms.com is now collaborating with Whole Foods Market! Once a month one of our bloggers will review an item (or two) from Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value line. I personally love Whole Foods and especially love their own brand of goods. I find that the most cost-effective way to shop at their store is to look for the 365 logo.

To kick off this new collaboration, Whole Foods of Bishops Corner put together 24 gift bags, one for each of our bloggers! The bags are full of excellent products from the Everyday Value line including chips & salsa, pasta, mac & cheese, coffee, trail mix, juice, soap and more! It means so much to me that they wanted to do something nice for my bloggers who share the details of their lives with you in a very public way.

The bags are filled with:

Our first product review is coming up at the end of October so stay tuned!

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For complete clarity: I was not paid to write this post. We received 24 bags of whole foods products as a gift for each of our bloggers. We will not be paid for our future reviews however one of our bloggers will receive a product for free in order to write the review.

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