Magical Monday: Leaving the Children…


This past weekend was an important one for my family ~ my husband and I spent our first night ever away from our children. My oldest son was born in February of 2005, it is now October 2012. That is almost 8 years of continual, constant parenting without a break. Sure my hubby and I have had date nights, and they’re always wonderful. But it became very obvious, as we sat in our two-person soaking tub last night, that this was REALLY the first significant break we’ve had from our children since they were born. It also became very obvious that this was something we’re going to start doing regularly as it recharged us in so, so many ways.

Our night started out like this: nervousness on all our parts as the time for our sitter to arrive came closer and closer. It seemed like we all just wanted to hurry up and say goodbye to each other as the anticipation was too much. Once our (wonderful, phenomenal) sitter arrived, I literally ran out to the car where my hubby was waiting with my arms in the air saying “Whoohoooo!!!” A night with my Rabbit (that’s what I call him) without a curfew ~ it was just too exciting!

Once we checked into our Inn it became very apparent we were without our children. Usually when we check into hotels the 2 oldest boys jump on the beds, run around, and check to see if there’s a mini-fridge. We also usually have to unplug the phone so our baby doesn’t dial room service. When I saw the (rather sharp) bottle opener left on a low-table, I realized I could leave it on that low table and not have to worry. That was quite the realization….we didn’t have to worry! For the next 20 or so hours we didn’t have to worry about our children, we could breathe a sigh of relief and just relax.

And that’s exactly what we did. Rabbit and I had the most wonderful, funny, loving time EVER. We promised to keep the juicy details just to ourselves but I will tell what I’ve learned from our night away.

I learned:

* Once parents are committed and in alignment with a decision, children will easily follow.

* That children are often more ready and willing to make changes than their parents.

* Babies can very easily go with the flow and gracefully adapt to the changes in their caregivers.

* A resourceful sitter is a FABULOUS thing! (Our sitter, Jessica, got Kai back to sleep repeatedly by playing the lullaby station on Pandora ~ LOVE HER!)

* It’s imperative for a breastfeeding Mama to pump in the middle of the night! (Thank you Christa Allard for the heads up!)

* Buying sexy underwear for your husband’s benefit is never a bad thing.

* Giving children the opportunity to rely on themselves and/or someone else besides their parents is a REALLY GOOD experience for everyone.

* Putting our marriage as the number one priority is an incredible benefit to our children.

* Coming home with donuts makes everyone really, really happy.

I still have a warm, peaceful glow from our night away. I don’t regret we waited 8 years. Truthfully I wasn’t ready before now. And now I know we can leave our children without them falling apart, I’m already planning our next trip…maybe for 2 nights this time.

Our soaking tub at The Copper Beech Inn


7 comments on “Magical Monday: Leaving the Children…”

  1. Yay for you and hubby! Sounds like you had a wonderful, much needed break. The first time we went away sans Mia, was when she was 14 months old. I’ve never been away from her for more than 26 hours, but hubby and I are planning a two-day getaway in the near future. So glad you got a chance to recharge 🙂

  2. Love this so much, Kate my dear!! Just a note about the pumping, though – if you aren’t night nursing much you should be ok without it 😉 If you are night nursing, though, yes, you should def bring a pump! Or hand express in the shower to relieve pressure.

  3. I love this post!!! So many times we as patents do not remember that our happiness is as important as our children. I am so glad you two had a wonderful night, you deserve it momma! Love!!!

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