It’s Party Time!

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Hopefully you’ve heard us talking about our upcoming party by now and you’ve already put it on your calendar, RIGHT?!

This Saturday, join us at First & Last in Middletown from 7 PM on and help us celebrate CTWorkingMoms’s first year! It’s $30/person (to help cover costs) and you can pay at the door via check or cash. All women and men are invited, no need to be a parent. If you love moms, we love you!

Why should you come?

Here’s my list of reasons:

  1. You’ll get to hang out with your favorite work-mom bloggers (that would be us!)
  2. You’ll get to eat lots of yummy Italian food
  3. You’ll get to bid on some fabulous auction items including: a beautiful wreath from Andretta Ross, holiday stationary designed by Fiona Designs, gift cards to some awesome stores, lots of gift baskets including a salon themed basket and fall themed basket! All proceeds from the event and auction go to supporting CTWorkingMoms! (Bring cash or your checkbook for this!)
  4. You’ll get to hear from me, the founder of the website, and partake in some fun surprise activities!
  5. You’ll leave with a goodie bag provided by Bright Horizons.
  6. You’ll get a night out (don’t we all need one every now and again??)

You know you want to come!! Can’t wait to see you soon. XO

We look like fun, don’t we?!

1 comments on “It’s Party Time!”

  1. Please tell me you are doing another one for some random reason!!!! I am going out of town this weekend (sans kiddos and hubby) but would love to join you and meet some of the Mommies that keep me going, laughing, sharing and remembering!!! (what a full night’s sleep is for example). I am going to “hang out” with my other family of women Veterans!!! But have fun!

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