Ode to Thursdays and the little things

I have come to love Thursdays. My daughter doesn’t attend day care, so we spend most days together. But on Thursdays, Nora is watched by her Nana and Grandpa, and I have a whole day to myself.

Now, don’t go thinking that come Thursday I’m breaking out the bonbons and wearing down that spot in the couch cushion even more. Thursdays are my days to get caught up or [gasp!] ahead on work, do a little housekeeping (especially those things that are difficult to do when Nora is around), and do the other work that gets neglected throughout the week.

But Thursdays are so much more than that to me. I cherish the time I get during the rest of the week with my daughter, but I looooove Thursdays…

…because I get to drink an extra cup of coffee and not worry about transferring the extra caffeine to Nora in my breast milk.

…because I can actually sit and drink that coffee at a leisurely pace, instead of guzzling it before my daughter drags me by the hand to play.

…because my father-in-law drives to the house to pick Nora up in the morning, giving me the luxury of staying in my PJs just a bit longer.

…because I can take my time running errands, without taking a gamble on the ticking timebomb of a toddler who is nearing her afternoon nap.

…because I can blast the music in the car without worrying about damaging my daughter’s developing little ear drums. And I can sing at the top of my lungs without worrying about scarring her for life.

…because I can take a shower or a nap, if I need it.

Thursdays may not be a day off for me, but they do allow me to do a couple special things that are just for me. I’ll raise my second cup of coffee in a toast to that! Cheers!


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