The dreaded MAN COLD!

My husband is AMAZING! He is a supportive, wonderful, hands on parent and partner but every few years something comes upon our house and brings havoc to my super productive husband.

Is it the bubonic plague, malaria, or even worse? No, ladies it is:


Watch out ladies this will incapacitate your partner or husband and stop his productivity dead in his tracks.

The funny thing is my husband caught this awful cold from me. I had it the week before and I was not happy but you keep chugging along and clean, pick up the kid, do bath time all the while cleaning my hands over and over in hopes that my son does not get it. For some reason women do not complain or have the luxury of complaining when it comes to being sick.

So my husband starts to feel the “Man cold” and it is bad. I actually let him in on our female jokes about the “Man Cold” and how women get sick and we just keep going, where as it appears the world is ending and men act like they are on death’s door when they are sick.

Me: “Oh no you have the dreaded MAN COLD! Will you survive????”

Husband: Sniff, Sniff, Cough “What are you talking about, I feel awful”

Me:” I know that your cold sucks but I had it last week it is not that bad. The worst day is tonight and tomorrow morning but it should pass mostly except for a cough.  Why is it men act so sick when it is just a cold? Do you think it is because you never get sick so it seems that bad? Or do you think it is that awful? Or are men really just grown man children, masking as adults?”

Husband: “I don’t know? I feel like death but maybe you are right? Maybe it is because I get sick so little that it feels worse?”

Me: “Yeah we call it the MAN COLD. Women get sick and we keep on truckin, Men act like they have the bubonic plague and complain A LOT”

Husband: “ I don’t complain that much, do I?”

Me: “Oh no hun you don’t complain at all!” (Eyes roll)

So the next day my husband sent me a text laughing showing me a picture of a coworker who had on a hoodie, looked like death and was complaining a lot over a cold. The text said “I finally see what you see THE DREADED MAN COLD IS SPREADING!”

Thankfully the DREADED MAN cold is slowly moving from our house! Thankfully we survived and hopefully you will too?

2 thoughts on “The dreaded MAN COLD!

  1. i swear i have the opposite of this! My husband is delusional when he’s sick- he never wants to admit it, even if he looks like the walking dead. I practically have to beg him to call his doctor or just go to the walk in clinic 3 minutes from our house! I can’t understand why he’d want to suffer in a society where cold meds are everywhere that you practically trip over them in CVS!


  2. That is soooo true! Although my husband will deny that’s how it is. He is rarely sick… Maybe that is part of the reason. I choose to believe women are just the stronger sex! 🙂


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