Kids Calling Cards


A friend of mine at the office is moving to a new town.  While this is an already stressful undertaking- buying a new home, getting all of the details in order to sell her old home, packing, cleaning, fixing….. the list goes on for miles.  Oh yes, and she has a beautiful young daughter who attends pre-school.  So now let’s add “uprooting daughter from comfortable and familiar school setting with a classroom full of friends to brand spanking new school with lots of unfamiliar faces” to the list.  In an effort to make sure that her little one stays in contact with her friends, Lisa came up with a great idea.  Calling cards for her daughter!  This Halloween at school, instead of passing out candy to her classmates, her daughter will be bringing in a glittery Halloween pencil paired with both Lisa and her daughter’s new contact information.  There are several websites that offer personalized calling cards for kids, as well as hand-made cards available on Etsy, or, very simply, you can make your own, just like Lisa. 

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