Balancing Act

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While I have always been the type of person who appreciates the importance of having a work/life balance, I never minded working some long days, weekends or evening meetings. I am 28 years old and for many women that’s during their “prime time to shine” as I like to call it.  It is during a time where their career is growing and more responsibilities are being added to their list. While this all seems wonderful and exciting, trying to balance a growing career and being a working mother is very difficult.

Shortly after I had Madelyn my outlook on a work/life balance only became clearer and for me, working a little less per week and having more flexibility in my schedule, while still being fulfilled and challenged was something I began looking for and recently found. It was and is important for me to spend time with my daughter as much as I can during these precious months/years of her life.

Work/life balance is an interesting topic for discussion and is beginning to see the day of light for employees, particularly women in our country. Millions of working moms are attempting to balance it all and seek positions not only where they are fulfilled, but offered flexibility as well – and this, my friend, is hard to come by.  Why is it that employers are so resistant and scared to offer flexibility, yet they require you to be flexible as well – (cell phone, email, etc.)?  Do you think the past decade of a bad economy has led employers to not have to worry as much, because there are not many jobs out there?  Do you think the acceptance of a work/life balance will change as the economy strengthens? Also, for you – please tell us what work/life balance means to you. As we know it’s different for everyone and their situations – what can employers offer their employees and in return what would you offer to them in allowing you the flexibility you need?

I was reluctant to write this post because we all know how society may perceive someone who feels strongly about a work/life balance, but I think that’s why we are in the situation we are, because we do not have these somewhat personal and sensitive discussions nor do I think we speak up as often as we should and ask for what is important to us.

What are your thoughts?


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