Fashion Forward Friday- Hot Mommas say leave the frump at home!


Last weekend the CT Working Moms Bloggers and friends got together to celebrate our One Year Blogoversary.  There were sequins, riding boots, mini skirts, colorful silks, and lots and lots of glam accessories.  The room was literally a real-live disco ball- complete with stylin’ dance moves to make any of J.Lo’s back up dancers stop and take notice.  But what I was noticing was the amazing style and fashion choices by my fellow mommas! 

These are not your momma’s mommas- with the exception of the incandescent stylings of Katie’s hot momma- a woman with so much style and spunk, making it perfectly evident as to where Katie gets her glam.  Literally.  IN.  THE. GENES, people.

And my personal favorite?  Mary Grace rockin’ the PEPLUM!  Peplum jackets and tops are totally in right now!  She was a walking rep of what is in right now- and she did it with effortless beauty- embrace the now, mommas!

Now on to sparkles.  Sparkles, sequins, beadwork, whatever blings and shines and reflects light is always in style.  I counted at least four moms, including myself, who were sporting the sparkle, and 10 if you count the glamorous Kate, who paired her navy sequin sleeveless cowlneck with a glittery geometric sequin mini!  And boots!  The sparkle queen just shined. 

Anyone going to a holiday party this season take notice of these fashion DOs.  You really can’t go wrong with any of these looks!  For some great places to find a few of these pieces to add to your “I HAVE A BABYSITTER AND YES PLEASE I’LL TAKE ANOTHER GLASS OF WINE” look, check out Ann Taylor Loft, Forever 21, J.Crew Outlet, Charlotte Russe, and White House Black Market.

**Photos by Katie Schunk**

9 comments on “Fashion Forward Friday- Hot Mommas say leave the frump at home!”

  1. It is really amazing to see all of you like that. IMO, fun starts at such places and with wonderful around us. Pictures in the post speak all the story and happiness.

  2. I love this!!! Thanks for the shout out on the peplum, it’s my new fave shirt. You were one stylin’ hot mama too in the copper sequins – absolutely gorge!! Xoxo

  3. I love this post – so fun!! I love seeing what real hot moms are wearing! Maybe a semi-regular feature on FFF? hmmmm, 🙂

    1. Oh yes! You should do a report after EVERY Mamas Night Out! It’s like seeing ourselves in the society pages! lol!

  4. It was such a fun night and everyone sparkled. All the mommas were representing their SEXY selves. Yesterday are the days of mommy jeans. Today we continue to represent ourselves as individual, strong, sexy, capable women. Bring on Glamour magazine and we will pass Do & Don’t page with flying colors. GO US!!!

    1. Sparkle to the n-th degree, doll! Every time i plan a night out i always think, WWSFD? What would Sparkle Fairy Do? And then i put on the glam 🙂

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