The one thing I am jealous of men

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Overall I love being a woman and of the female gender. There are so many wonderful things that I love which include sisterhood, pretty shoes, being a wife and mother, being able to cry with no side eye looks, romantic comedies, dressing up and being able to dance anywhere! But there is one thing I am jealous of men for and that comes to work.

When I got pregnant I felt the pressure of my work. This was not due to my work or boss, but to myself. I work in sales and there are many things that are involved in moving  forward and up. I not only have to perform in my numbers, client relations but also networking with upper level management, taking on extra assignments, and sometimes going above the normal workload. This takes time which is hard when you have a baby or children. I would not miss the maternity leave I took to take care of my son, but I cant help but think “None of the men I work with will be away for three months or miserable while super pregnant.”  I can understand that taking time off can hurt your career which makes sense but where does that leave me?

What does that mean for a career that is directly linked to your presence and sometimes my presence is going to come to my children first. Men are still seen as “providers” and not that women cannot but sometimes I feel like I have the role of “provider” and “mother” which is two full-time jobs.

I do not for one second think my husband does not worry about our son or care for him but I have not seen my husband aprehensive about how my pregnancy or having a newborn will affect his career. I on the other hand feel jealous that it is not a concern to him but a constant concern of mine.

This last year I have worked very hard at being a new mother but also trying to move my career forward. So far so good with both but I can’t help and think how having a second child will impact my career? I will rightfully be more focused on my future children when on maternity leave and after but why does it seem like we are the only ones? I feel so torn about wanting to be the best mother I can be and great at my career. So instead of getting mad I get jealous.

So that my ladies is the one thing I am jealous of men for. Is there anything you are jealous of?

1 comments on “The one thing I am jealous of men”

  1. Thank you for writing this. I feel the same way too. The fact that women bear and raise the children while balancing work, AND get paid less than our male counterparts in many instances seems unfair too. But it makes me want to work harder to break these barriers. Great post and you are a fabulous working mama!

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