Life Lessons From the Potty


I am a proud mama. My daughter has been using the potty pretty successfully all week. It’s amazing she got to this point seeing as I’ve been a little inconsistent with her training regimen. It was easier for me to keep my child in diapers during the week and save potty training for evenings, days-off, and the weekends. Confusing for a toddler, I know. I feel a little bit of working-mom guilt for doing so. We had lots of accidents around the house over the course of a few months of “trial potty-training,” as I liked to call it. BUT, with patience, good timing, and the help of my child’s caregivers, we finally found a rhythm to this potty training business.

What got her the most excited about the concept of using the loo was not the spare change we would put in her piggy bank every time she went, but rather the fact she gets to wear UNDERWEAR! She loves them. I’m glad because they will be with her for a long, long time.

When asked what she wanted as a reward for using the potty, my daughter replied “Money!” Smart girl. This should help pay for college.

Since this is her first rite of passage to big girl-dom, it inspired me to write yet another letter to my daughter. Here goes:

Everything I Want You to Know About Your Underwear

Dear Mia,

Congratulations! You have reached another milestone in your beautiful existence. You have been using the potty successfully and I am so proud of you!

I am thrilled that you love your underwear so much. For the most part, they will be with you everyday for the rest of your life. Forget your spouse, a good pair of underwear are a true lifelong companion.

Since you’re new to this whole underwear-wearing business, here’s a few things you should know about them:

They come in various styles. In order of comfort they are: Briefs, bikinis, and the thong. The latter to be worn sparingly….I’ll talk to you about that in a few years.

They also come in various fabrics. Again, in order of comfort: cotton, silk, and satin. Do your best to avoid satin in the summertime though. Especially if you drive a car with black leather seats that’s been sitting in the sun all afternoon.

Also you must know about a very special type of brief called the Granny Panty. They are the BEST because they are much larger than regular briefs, are high waisted, and effective in covering up your tushy. They are VERY comfortable and should be worn as soon as you turn 16 until about the time you are 40. I particularly recommend you wear them throughout your college years, and especially when you are out on dates.

Throughout your life people will say things to you like, “Lady, don’t get your panties in a ‘twist’ or a ‘bunch’.” Feel free to tell them to buzz-off. You are entitled to your feelings so don’t be afraid to express them. Like panties, they are what make you a woman.

Oh btw, you will need to watch out for underwear lines while wearing skirts or a dress. You can tell someone is a true friend if they point them out to you.

So my little one, stay true to yourself always. Choose your friends and your underwear wisely. I love you lots!


Mommy xoxo

A great read to brush up on underwear etiquette

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing about the undergarments or book mentioned here. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of CTWorkingMoms.

Photo credits here and here.

8 comments on “Life Lessons From the Potty”

  1. Loved it and laughed my butt off yesterday, and again today! LOLing right now on your views of granny panties, MG. Yes- the perfect dating attire for a 16 year old! LOL indeed.

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