Love Affair with my Slowcooker


I believe the slow cooker was invented by a working mom.  Who else to better know the stress of getting an entire family fed and full than a mom who’s spent all day working it at the office?  Don’t stress, girls.  Plug in your crock pot, tie your apron, and grab a glass of pinot, because I’m about to make dinner a lot easier for you.

Oh, Crock Pot.  How much do I love thee.  Let me count the ways…

One.  For the amazing things you can do in four to eight hours.  Where else can you get a pot of steamy, savory, comfort food goodness to feed your family for at least 3 days in under 8 hours?  Aside from paying a personal chef, nowhere but your kitchen countertop’s appliance staple, the slow cooker.  Chicken & Sweet Potato Stew.  Tried it, loved it, but didn’t add the vinegar at the end. 

Two.  For the way you can turn tough and inexpensive cuts of meat into fall off the bone deliciousness.  Pot roast?  Bone-in pork chops?  Inexpensive and tougher cuts of meat turn to melt-in-your-mouth stews thanks to the magic of the slow cooker.  Saves money, and the longer they cook in the crock, the more tender and juicy they get.  Slow Cooker Guinness Beef Stew.  Family favorite of ours- i make this at least 4 times during the winter, and freeze portions for easy re-heating.  The stew meat literally breaks up in your bowl. 


Three.  For doing all of the heavy lifting for me, while I am at work.  The night before I cook up a meal in my crock pot, I prep everything- cut up vegetables, remove the skin from chicken breasts and thighs, and line up seasonings and boxes of stock so that when morning comes, I simply dump everything into the crock, set the timer for 8 hours, and then there’s a hot and delicious meal waiting for the family when we get home.  Creamy Ranch Chicken.  You have probably seen this all over Pinterest.  Listen to the Pinners.  This is REAL.


So what’s your favorite crock pot recipe to feed your family?  You know that during the winter my crock pot is front and center on my counter- right next to the Keurig front and center, so you know I’m serious.  Kraft Mac & Cheese has NOTHIN’ on the crock pot.

6 comments on “Love Affair with my Slowcooker”

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  2. I made the ranch chicken. Brandon couldn’t stop talking about it, claiming that he would go to a restaurant and buy it. Nice pick!

  3. I used to love my slow cooker! Ever since I went all vegetarian I haven’t used it often. Now you’ve got me thinking. (I have an awesome pork chop recipe if you’re interested lol!)

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