Feeling Alone and Scared

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No – not me, but rather my six month old baby who is already experiencing separation anxiety.

It began last Sunday night when she woke up at 2:00 a.m. crying in a tone that I have never heard before. It scared both my husband and I, because we are so used to her sleeping straight through the night since she was seven weeks old. We let her cry for about a minute and then, luckily, she fell back asleep. Monday night came and she did it once again without us needing to go into her room to check on her. However, when Wednesday night hit, she threw us for a loop and we needed to go in a handful of times to console her.  Each time she would cry for a few minutes after we left and would eventually fall back asleep.

From the research that I’ve done this week it seems that separation anxiety can begin in babies as early as six months old –(lucky me) and it can last for many months. I should have picked up on daycare’s cues when she told me a few weeks ago that Maddie is starting to cry when we drop her off in the morning – but for some reason I dismissed it as – “there’s no way at six months old she is that aware of what’s going on”, well I was wrong.

Research shows that playing peek-a-boo and leaving the room gradually longer each time will help and going in her room at night to console and then place her back in the crib should get the message to her that we are there for her at any time, but for now she needs to sleep.

I feel horrible when she wakes up crying, knowing that she’s scared and not sure of surroundings. I guess time will tell with how long her anxiety away from mom and dad will last.

To the readers – do you have any suggestions or tips to ensure a smooth transition through this phase? What worked for you and what didn’t? How long did this last for you?

1 comments on “Feeling Alone and Scared”

  1. Do you put her in her crib when she’s asleep or when she’s still somewhat awake? If she falls asleep in your arms and then wakes in her crib (totally different surrounding from when she fell asleep) that could be adding to her anxiety.

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