A Turkey Full of Thanks


To help get my family in a more festive mood I decided to take on a Thanksgiving craft project.

With the help of the girls and our Aunnie, I made turkeys out of construction paper. In place of the feathers, I had the girls make hand prints. Each individual finger represents something to be thankful for. When we give the turkeys to our relatives we are going to ask them to fill in the fingerprints with things they are thankful for this year.

We made the turkey bodies out of construction paper and added googly eyes.

For the finishing touch we added a beak and legs and my four year wrote a name on each turkey (what a big girl practicing her letters!)

This craft project was helpful in getting us all in the holiday spirit, it kept the girls occupied off and on throughout the weekend, and it lead to some fabulous discussions about the things in our lives that we are thankful for.

From the mouth of my four-year old, here are some things that she is thankful for this year:

All the presents that people buy me,


My Mommy letting me go grocery shopping,

People giving me peanut-free stuff,


My Mommy giving me kisses,

My sisters not fighting with me,

My toy room,

Mommy doing my laundry because I’m pretty sure my Dad doesn’t know how to do it,

Dinner, and

Fun time in the bath.

From the mouth of my two-year old:





Baby P,


Peeing on the potty,

Handy Manny, and


I am glad that this crafty project helped us all become more festive. I enjoyed having a conversation with my girls about the things that they are most thankful for in their lives. It was a great opportunity to try to convey to them how important it is to keep the true meaning of the holiday season in the forefront of our minds. As exciting and scrumptious as all the food and gifts are, it is important to embrace the love and traditions of the holiday season. I hope that amongst all the glue, googly eyes and paint my girls heard at least a portion of the message that I was trying to convey.

Without question I am most thankful this year for my three beautiful daughters. They bring me joy and happiness each and every day. Happy Thanksgiving to all ctworkingmoms readers and bloggers!




2 comments on “A Turkey Full of Thanks”

  1. laughing about the “daddy doesn’t know how to do laundry comment” – THOSE GIRLS!!! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to all the Perillo Ladies!! XO

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