Families: We live together and get sick together!

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This past weekend everyone in our house was sick; Maddie was getting over a cold that she gave to Mike, myself and my parents. It was an achy, sore, tiring weekend and is the first time we all were sick together. I’m not sure what is harder – caring for a sick baby or being sick yourself and caring for a baby getting over a cold? I’d say being sick is much harder. Luckily, Maddie slept wonderful for us this past weekend so we were able to relax on the couch and take it easy. I don’t know though how parents do it with multiple children – cheers to them!

I felt sad though, because I felt a lot of the time she was on the floor or in the pack and play and my husband and I were laying down on the couch. We were just too tired and sick to play with her and do the fun weekend activities that we usually do. My husband looked at me and said, “This isn’t going to be the last time we are sick, so we need to not feel bad and just roll with it.” I guess that’s what we did, but I still felt bad and wondered if she was bored or got enough stimulation. Here comes the mommy guilt!


As a first time mom – I have a few questions for the readers – what are some tips for taking care of children when you are not feeling well? What activities do you do that are not that exhausting? Did you feel like a bad parent the first time you were sick and didn’t spend as much 1:1 time as you usually do?

1 comments on “Families: We live together and get sick together!”

  1. I seem to get a stomach bug about once a year. I had it recently, and had to nurse the baby overnight while varying between wanting to puke and wanting to black out from the nausea. It is just awful. You can call out sick to work (sometimes), but not to parenting!

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