Get Motivated!

Did you gobble till you wobbled this past weekend? Are you finding that you are wobbling on a daily basis, and in places that you would prefer wobbling NOT to occur (for me it’s the thighs, and I’m not talking the dark meat, extra juicy, turkey kind).

Are you looking to be healthier and increase your energy?

Here is the deal ladies…Working Moms on the Move! Working Moms on the Move is a private community of moms, “working it!” For $60 you can buy a lifetime membership, which gives you access to a number of beneficial resources that will increase your health and well-being. As if that is not good enough, you will get a comfortable “working it” tee-shirt.

For any skeptics out there wondering how this private community will actually make a difference in your lives, allow me to explain:

Working Moms on the Move allows members to join a private virtual workout support group, through a closed facebook page. How often do you check your facebook page to see what your girlfriends are up to, or what crazy shananigans your children’s babysitter got into this past weekend, or to see how awkward your ex-boyfriend from college looks in his new holiday photos (yes, his wife REALLY made him wear that)? Now imagine that every time you open facebook, in addition to all the juicy weirdness, you have direct access to a community of moms tracking, discussing and encouraging you to get off the couch, get out there and get “working it!”

This afternoon, I was feeling sluggish, tired and cold, I was seriously lacking the motivation to go for a run. Besides, I have a million other things that need to get done before the start of the work week. As I sat down on the couch I noticed that I had a new facebook message from my boss, I opened facebook and…BAM!

One mom completed a four mile run during the early morning,

Another had completed a five-mile run AND got to spend quality time with her good friend WHILE improving her health and feeling awesome about herself,

Yet another took a two-mile walk with her daughter in the stroller.

Constant encouragement, constant motivation, and you will find that the excuses disappear. You will find yourself looking forward to your next walk, jog, yoga class, spin class, or dance around the living room with your three-year old.

Still not convinced?

So…I just had my third baby. During my third pregnancy, I was tired, I was sick, and I had a two-year old and a three-year old to take care of. I had one million and one excuses NOT to exercise. But I did exercise, and Working Moms on the Move provided me with the extra motivation that I needed. Listening to the other moms and following their daily activities encouraged me to get it done! At the end of my two-mile walks, nine full months pregnant, I would turn onto my road, whip out my phone and log in my accomplishments to share with other members.

Now that I have given birth three times, and have three children, I have one million and two excuses NOT to exercise, but I’m not about to let that stop me. Exercising, working out, and movement of any kind makes me feel better. It keeps me healthy, helps me to feel better about myself, and sets a good example for my children. Working Moms on the Move gives me the motivation that I need to stay on track. I now look forward to posting on the virtual workout support group page, here are some of my more recent posts:

3 miles and weights. I could feel that enormous piece of apple pie with whipped cream going straight from my mouth to my ass. Gotta keep it movin’ ladies!!

Snuck in a 3 mile run before the start of this crazy weekend. Feeling motivated by the brisk morning air! Take the time to do something for yourself this weekend!

$60 for a lifetime membership, that is 15 tall-sized peppermint mocha’s from Starbucks…forego the extra calories, save the money to buy a membership, and work toward making yourself a healthier person!

Get all the details about the program here.

One thought on “Get Motivated!

  1. I have to give props to you because you are really good about making the time to exercise and about keeping everyone motivated! I’m always impressed by your dedication and motivation to staying in shape no matter what you have going on!


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