Fashion Forward Friday- The infamous $145 cashmere sweater



You may have stumbled upon this article over the past few days about a $145 cashmere sweater.  You may not have clicked on it because you thought, “Sure.  $145.00 for a cashmere sweater is not extravagant.  It’s not a splurge.  It may actually be a good deal.”  But, if you did click on it you would have found that this is no ordinary $145 cashmere sweater.  It is a $145 children’s cashmere sweater.

I have fond memories of the day I wore my first cashmere sweater- ironically, from J.Crew!  My mom found a great deal on black friday at the J.Crew Outlets in Clinton Crossing, and after deciding it was the perfect shade of pink/coral for me, she gifted me with my first piece of really good cashmere.  But I was 28 years old.  And I don’t spit up on myself or drool, or wipe my nose with my sleeve.  (I may spill the occasional sip of coffee down my shirt, but let’s be honest, that’s not what I’m getting at here.)  $145 for a cashmere sweater for a drooly-slobbery-sticky baby?  I know we are all (myself included) guilty as charged for spending a good portion of our paychecks on our kids.  Whether it be daycare expenses, toys, kid-friendly products, or clothes, they are a big part of our spending.  And why not?  They look just so adorably cute in those corduroys and puffer vests!!!  But a $145 cashmere sweater?

Moms- what do you think? Who’s getting the cashmere this Christmas? You or baby?

5 comments on “Fashion Forward Friday- The infamous $145 cashmere sweater”

  1. HMMM… Cuddly Cashmere baby sweater … or pay this months car insurance bill..?? I wonder which one’s more important ?? Decisions Decision

  2. I will say no, but I have two rowdy boys who could probably destroy a suit of armor pretty easily. If I had kids with more, ahem, “mild” personalities…and if I had a bigger checking account…I can’t promise I wouldn’t buy one JUST for a special occasion. And if they had a matching Mommy version…it would increase said likelihood dramatically. 🙂

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