Making it Easy – Children’s Holiday Gift List


We all know from experience how time-consuming and frustrating shopping for children at any age can be and there is nothing more annoying than parents telling you, “I have no idea what you should get her for Christmas.”  To battle this time of the year and for Maddie’s first Christmas, I’ve decided the quickest way for people to shop for her and the easiest would be to create a gift registry for her.

Last week I created a registry on Babies”R”Us with items I know Maddie needs. Family members can review the list and add items to their cart or shop around the best prices for those items.  You don’t necessarily have to use Babies”R”Us, there are many online sites that allow you to pull gifts from various sites such as Amazon, Wal-Mart, Target, etc.

It was very easy to create and I feel it takes pressure off those wondering what she needs.

Some people may think this is a little “nervy,” but I did it for the simple fact to make people’s lives easier and save them time. They can take as they wish and not even get her items off the registry, but when in doubt of what to get they can always refer back to the holiday registry.

Will I be doing one for birthdays and other special occasions? Probably not, but for the holidays, especially her first (who really knows what to get a 7 month old?) I felt I couldn’t go wrong with saving others and even myself time with the holiday shopping craziness.

Have you ever done something like this for your children? How to people tell you what to get for their children and vise versa?

Any tips for people shopping for babies and young children that you feel might help make their lives a little easier?

Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation from Babies”R”Us to mention them in this post nor do I endorse or support any of their products over other businesses.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated nor approached by Babies”R”Us to write this post.

9 comments on “Making it Easy – Children’s Holiday Gift List”

  1. We use Amazon wish lists!! We made one for Lillian and we keep one for ourselves (one for me, one for the hubz). It makes gift giving so easy!

  2. Some of our friends had a registry for their daughter’s birthday at a local toy store and I thought it was GENIUS! I LOVED having things to choose from rather than just guessing. Now that I know Amazon does it, I’m totally down for doing it for my kiddos! ♡

  3. I’ve always had an amazon wishlist for myself (and they do let you add anything from any online site). My family relies on it to get me things they’ll know I like. So it seemed obvious to me to set up a wishlist for my daughter shortly after she was born. It’s not a “holiday” list or a “birthday” list, it’s an always list. In practice it’s mostly for me to keep track of things I want/need to get her down the road, but it’s great for my mom (the only person who regularly refers to it) to get her things too. I never announce it’s existance to people, I only direct them if they ask me for suggestions.

  4. We do Amazon lists for our boys’ birthdays and for Christmas and our siblings do the same for their kids. Not only does it make it easier to get the kids what they want, but you also don’t risk buying something that they already have. As far as I know, no one has had an issue with it. People don’t have to buy off the list (my sister sometimes doesn’t), but you’re right, at least they can see the types of things the kids are interested in.

  5. We did the same thing for our 5 month old boys. We created an Amazon registry for everyone else and a private list in our phones for us. It’s worked out teally well and I think only those who don’t have children will think it’s nervy!

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