Operation Letters to Santa

‘Tis the season to be charitable and to do good deeds and for those of you looking for a fun new idea, Operation Letters to Santa may be just the ticket!

Operation Letters to Santa is a holiday charitable effort dating back to 1912 where it began in New York City.  This year, 2 Connecticut Post Offices are giving it a whirl to see if there is enough interest in this type of charity to launch a larger Operation Santa program in the state in years to come.  So what is Operation Letters to Santa you ask?

It is no secret that thousands of children write to the jolly man in the red suit each and every year, and many of the kids unfortunately come from needy families who do not have the means to make their children’s holiday wishes come true.  The Operation Santa program allows generous citizens to read a child’s letter to Santa and “respond” in the true spirit of the holidays.  What an awesome idea and how exciting that Connecticut is participating in such a magical charity this year!

Letters to Santa can be picked up on December 15, 2012 between 10:00 a.m and 12:00 noon at the Hartford Post Office located at 141 Weston Street and the Stamford Post Office located at 421 Atlantic Street.

Please click here for more information.  Ho Ho Ho!


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