Preserving the Magic


It goes without saying that our hearts of broken after last Friday’s events.  While this post is not about the tragedy in Newtown, it is inspired by my need to hold on to the innocence and wonder in my children.  Besides, couldn’t we all use a bit of magic and wonder right about now?

To me, believing in creatures such as Santa, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy is an essential part of childhood.  It teaches you to dream, to imagine, and most of all allows you to believe in things that you may not be able to touch or feel. We need this even when we are adults, the ability to believe in ourselves even when we may not be able to see the path clearly.

A few weeks ago I posted about the Truth About Santa, a post dedicated to my curious son who I hope holds on to his belief in the “Man in Red” (as well as the other little bunnies, leprechauns, and fairies that visit us) for a little while longer.  We have continued to get the questions and I have been trying my darnedest to keep the belief alive.  Here are a few of my tricks that I would like to share:


Letters From Santa:

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In our house we have an Elf on the Shelf… in fact we have TWO!  Every night they take their magic ride back to the North Pole and sometimes they bring back some correspondence from the Big Guy!  Sometimes the letters are about something good the kids did, and sometimes they are about what kind of behavior needs to be worked on (more of the latter in this house lately).

If you don’t have an Elf (they are a bit creepy during that midnight stroll to get water in the kitchen), you can have your kids send a letter to Santa and receive one back one of two ways.  This website is the home of the Original Letter from Santa.  For $9.95 you can get a personalized letter from Santa with a Nice List sticker, and Santa Dollar sent with a postmark from the North Pole (Alaska).  If your kids are more tech savvy and think that only real correspondence happens through the internet you can go to this site, and get a personalized letter sent to your child(ren) for about $3.  There are lots of other fun stuff to do on there, including a service to “catch” Santa in the act at your house!


Videos From Santa:

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We have done this twice now and they have both worked like a charm.  The Portable North Pole helps you create a video from Santa to your child.  You have the option of putting them on the Nice List, the Naughty List, or somewhere in between!  You can then fill out personal info about what your child wants for Christmas that only Santa (and parents) would know.  The video comes to your inbox and you can share with family and friends as well.  The service is free, though they do have some paid products.  My only complaint is that they do not have more than one video composition, so if you have more than one child they get essentially the same video with different personal info.  Want a peek?  View Miles’ video here (he got it last night and his eyes lit up like saucers!  Mission: COMPLETE)!


Reindeer Cam:

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This was shared with me by our blogger Sarah Bernhardson and I absolutely LOVE this!  It is a 24 hour webcam set up to view Santa’s Reindeer!  We watched last night at feeding time, where Santa and an Elf came out and fed the reindeer.  Be warned though that this Santa and his helper look a little rough, and Miles pointed out that the elf was too big, and that if it were the real Santa he would have white hair around his neck.  There is a Nice List scrolling on the barn and underneath the feed, and there are a few ways to get your kids names on it.  Today, they are honoring the children of the Sandy Hook tragedy with only their names scrolling.


Calls from Santa:

This call is a family tradition in my house.  When my sister and I were kids, Santa would call, with Rudolph in the background and lots of commotion every Christmas Eve.  We would talk about all of the things that only Santa could know- what I wanted, what I had been doing in school, and things that my parents had asked me to do and work on.  Once I knew the truth, I found out that one of the customers at my dad’s pharmacy was my Santa, and I loved him even more for it.   Now my kids get a Santa call on Christmas Eve and the looks on their faces makes the tears start to well.  It’s free and it is priceless.


What ways do you help preserve the Magic?

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Happy Holidays!  Looking forward to a beautiful NEW YEAR!

2 comments on “Preserving the Magic”

  1. Thanks for the website info Dena! I wish the Portable North Pole would have more than one video too …. Jaidyn who is only 2 picked up on that it was the same video as Addison’s. I was thinking of sending them an email to see if they would consider having multiple ones to choose from. Can’t wait to see you guys again when you are home. Love you!

  2. You have the most uncanny talent for making me cry! So heart-warming to know that our traditions give you such warm memories that you share with your children. Love you all!

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