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Thank you to everyone who sent in submissions for our makeover giveaway! The top 6 nominees are listed below in alphabetical order. Please take a minute to read about them and VOTE for your top choice! You can only vote one time. Voting will end this Friday night at midnight. Winner will be announced this weekend!

As a reminder – the winning mom will get:

Her outside taken care of with:

1. A new hair-do from Kristin O’Hea Artistic director at Sculptures

2. Color and highlights (also from Kristin)

3. A full make-up application from Leah Pina Stylist and Make-up artist at Sculptures

4. A whole lot of CTWorkingMoms love and attention! We plan to write-up a special blog post about the winning mama including before and after photos.

AND her inside take care of with:

In addition to getting a whole new look, we’re also going to give the lucky winning mom six meditation classes at the Odiyana Center. As busy working moms we all know that we’re over-stressed and are juggling a million and one responsibilities. Meditation is a proven way to find more balance and live a calmer life. Doesn’t that sound dreamy?

Now let’s get to it – here are the nominees!

1. Jen Capitao – nominated by Eric Capitao (her husband)

A note from Eric: My name is Eric Capitao and I would like to nominate my wife Jen. My wife has been struggling to feel good about herself for a couple of years now. Between quitting smoking, going back to college full-time, having our first child and having no time or money to spend on herself she really deserves a treat like this. She gives everything to everyone around her and feels like she is tired and drained all the time so please help me give her a fresh way to start the new year! Thanks so much!

2. Kelly Davila – nominated by Natalie Matthews (her sister)

A note from Natalie: My sister, Kelly, recently became a first-time momma–to twins! Kelly works for the state of CT as a Medical Assistant at UConn’s Ear Nose and Throat Clinic, and is fortunate enough to be able to have some maternity leave until just after the holidays. With that time off has come some amazing one on one time with her girls (Isabella and Julianna), but it has also meant so many things that every new parent knows all too well: feedings every two hours, countless diaper changes, and reminding herself to eat too! She is so devoted to her girls, and as she makes her way back to work in January, I would love to see her have the opportunity to have some time and attention dedicated to herself too.

3. Rosa Magalhaes- nominated by Jessica Magalhaes (her daughter)

A note from Jessica: To begin, my mother has a full-time job working at United Health Care, which means waking up around 6 am and coming home at 4:30 pm. But her day doesn’t end there. She quickly begins by making a home-cooked meal, usually a Portuguese dish, as well as simultaneously cleaning our mess. After everyone is fed, including our dog, my mom then usually goes with my dad to work for a couple of hours. She then comes home, makes sure that my brother did his homework, showers, and then heads for bed. This is my mother’s daily routine, extremely exhausting and extremely busy. I am not sure how she manages to do it everyday, but somehow she gets through. Even though my mom is extremely demanding, she somehow manages to even take care of our extended family. Since our family is Portuguese, my grandparents do not speak much English, however my mother does what she can to help take care of my grandparents on both sides of the family. She helps by bringing them to doctors’ appointments, running errands, and helping with medical/insurance bills. She even offers to babysit my eleven-month-old cousin occasionally. My mom not only needs a day to relax, but she also deserves a day to relax. With her hectic schedule, it would be a wonderful Christmas gift to brighten her day.

4. Sarah Raymond – nominated by Kriste Stevenson

A note from Kriste: Sarah is the working mom of twin 18 month old boys. She struggled for years trying to get pregnant. Then her dreams came true in the form of these two beauties. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond her control, Sarah now finds herself as a single working mom. In the past year, while trying to be the best mom these boys have ever seen (and succeeding), she has had to move in with her parents and come close to foreclosing on her house. Also she’s learning that with two babies in daycare, what goes around comes around – I’m talking about germs! One or both of her sweeties is always battling colds and ear infections, causing Sarah to have to leave work and run to the doctor. Through it all she still manages to succeed at her job at the bank and keep her sanity. Through it all, she still keeps a smile on her face. If any mom needs a break, it’s Sarah! She would love a chance to get her curls back-the one drawback of having babies. They straightened her hair! (Damn you hormones!)

5. Desiree Rossitto – nominated by Shaina Toomey (her friend and co-worker)

A note from Shaina: As working moms know, working full-time and managing our families is difficult. Now imagine having SURPRISE beautiful twins (obviously not identical) that are fun, creative and active! Des (as we call her) is a very hard-working and dedicated employee (I can say that because I’m her boss!). She works full-time and has a few side per diem jobs just to bring in some extra cash. All of her time outside of work is dedicated to her kids so as you can imagine….mom time is limited! Desiree having lost her parents at a very young age, and therefore being raised by other family members, knows how important a parents role is and works hard to create that for her kids. But she needs to remember to take time for herself and be allowed to enjoy that. I think this opportunity is a perfect gift for her to focus on herself….which we moms all know is difficult to do!!!

6. Kelly Ferrall Yatzook – nominated by Evalyn A. McMahon (her mom)

A note from Evalyn: I would like to nominate my daughter Kelly Ferrall Yatzook for a makeover. Kelly is 30 years old and gave birth to our first grandchild 14 months ago. I feel Kelly deserves a makeover because she never does anything for herself anymore. Kelly takes care of little Miss Riley, her home, and works full-time. Kelly will simply pull back her hair, wash her face, brush her teeth and off she goes making sure everyone else is happy, fed and clothed for the day. Kelly is a fabulous mom and I would like something fabulous for her. Kelly is a gorgeous girl with thick chestnut color hair and beautiful green eyes. She has so much potential. Please consider her for your fabulous makeover for the holidays.

Remember to cast your vote – simply click here!

Voting is open until midnight this Friday (12/21/2012). Winner will be announced on Saturday.

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