Thrifty Thursday: Ode to Thrift Stores


I just love a great bargain and consider myself a fairly frugal (not in the stingy, super cheap way though) person. Yes, I am one of those people who enters a store and bee-lines it to the clearance section. I am also a “bargain bragger” who loves to share my deals and savings with anyone who will listen. Nope, you won’t hear this mom brag about how much money she just spent on her designer jeans or purse. Instead, I will tell you about the great deals I just got on my name brand clothing items I just purchased at my local Once Upon a Child store (seriously great deals people – I highly recommend going)! Or the great pair of designer dress pants I picked up for myself at Savers for $8.

Here are some of the super cute clothes I picked up for my girls during my last shopping spree trip at Once Upon a Child:

The Children’s Place dress – $1.75


Joe Boxer leopard print pajamas – $6


Old Navy winter coat – $6


Something I love just as much as saving money? Getting my creative juices flowing and crafting (if you couldn’t already tell by my weekly Thrifty Thursday blog posts)… so I am always visiting Goodwill and Savers looking for items to refurbish and upcycle – for instance, finding a nice silver serving tray and transforming it into a chalkboard menu. Check out Dishfunctional Designs for some inspiration for turning thrift store purchases into trendy items for your home!

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Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday. See you next year!


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