Reflections and Resolutions


As 2012 draws to a close I cannot help but look back over the past year and reflect on some of the important lessons that I have learned. Just as I look back, I look forward to my resolutions for 2013.


Every day is precious, hug your children tightly and love them everyday with every fiber of your being. Enough said.


Family is a flexible term. Just because another person shares the same mother and father as you do, has the same eyes, has your Grandmother’s smile, does not necessarily make them family. Family is about respect, understanding, and a willingness to help. Family is about loving someone and being compassionate toward their decisions and their feelings. Family is not about showing up at holidays, it is about being there for all the little, unimportant details along the way. As nostalgic as it is to sit around the dinner table and share stories of the past, a true family will support you and look forward to creating new stories in the future. You are never too old to add new and important members to your family.


The voices of women are growing stronger. The success of this blog is local proof. Look at the media attention, support, accolades, and comments has received over the past year. Women care about issues and we want our opinions heard! The 2012 election is national proof. Putting political ideologies aside, 2012 was a breakthrough year for women. CNN stated that “Election Day 2012 turned into ladies night.” Twenty women now hold seats in the United States Senate! New Hampshire has an entirely female congressional delegation and a newly elected female governor. Women, from both sides of the aisle, voted, let their voices be heard and made history. Issues ranging from breastfeeding to co-sleeping and from poverty to environmental regulation, women are involved and are taking action.

Having a food allergy is but a mere inconvenience. When my daughter was first diagnosed with a food allergy I was extremely upset and down right panicky about her having an anaphylactic reaction. Over time I have come to realize that with the proper safety plans and due diligence her risks can be minimized. If you think a food allergy is devastating, try spending the afternoon at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center in the oncology department. Any patient there would take a food allergy over cancer in a second. It is all about perspective: food allergies are inconvenient and they can be scary, but they will not restrict our family and they will never define who my daughter is.


To be a more calming presence in my daughter’s lives. Between work, school, swim lessons, gymnastics, birthday parties, and family events, we often find ourselves frantically rushing from one event to the next. Some weekends are a constant blur of packing and unpacking the car. In the coming year I hope to improve my ability to remain calm throughout the chaos.

Have that second piece of cake. Life is too short to constantly feel guilty about indulging. Enough with the guilt trips and the self pity. Do what you like because it makes you happy and you deserve happiness. Stop worrying about the long-term and enjoy the present. In the coming year, thank you very much, I will take two pieces of that delicious cake!


To do more of what is really important. There is always laundry that needs to be washed or folded, floors to be cleaned, closets to be organized, but my daughters will only be four, two and four months old, once. In the coming year I vow to skip the small stuff and make more time for the important stuff, like tickle fights.


Run. Everyday that I can. Exercise is important and it sets a good example for my daughters. And, if I’m going to have two pieces of cake…






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