True Confessions – Melissa




This week is a special blogger series where we talk about our true confessions on parenting.

Please see my confessions below and feel free to comment on them and also share yours as well. Enjoy!

  • When Maddie would wake up at night to eat, I would pretend I was sleeping so my husband would take care of her.  A woman needs her beauty sleep right?
  • One time, while placing Maddie in her crib, my cell phone dropped on her and she started to cry. I quickly hid the phone in my pocket before my husband came into the room to yell at me. When he asked why she was crying I said that I had no idea!
  • Sometimes when Maddie’s toy drops on the floor, instead of washing it, I give it the five second rule.
  • When I am looking for a quick snack, I search for Maddie’s rice puffs. They are very tasty.
  • Sometimes I take two showers during the day because I need a break.
  • Sometimes I would rather take the dog out for a walk in the cold than feed a crying baby.
  • I never felt guilty about having my parents take Maddie overnight when she was only three weeks old. Both my husband and I needed a break.
  • On days I just want to be lazy, I keep Maddie in her pajamas. Unfortunately, they are often.
  • Sometimes I put blush on Maddie’s cheeks! Don’t worry, I won’t turn into a pageant mom.
  • I am 100% totally against attending circuses and will never bring my family to one.
  • At times I make my husband feel guilty for not doing as much as I do. I know it’s not right, but I can’t help it.
  • I absolutely love being home with my daughter on Fridays. I never want to change that.
  • I could care less how I look when I am at work. Women without children just don’t get it.
  • I regret not holding Maddie enough when she was a newborn.
  • I am not ready for a second child and would appreciate others to stop asking us about it.
  • I enjoy and love being a mother, but sometimes I wish I had a weekend off.

10 comments on “True Confessions – Melissa”

  1. This was such a great list! I am with you on the two showers point – sometimes a mama just needs some down time.

  2. Love them! I laughed out loud at the “i could care less what I look like at work…” one. Every time I see a nicely dressed, made up young woman, I think “she doesn’t have kids.” LOL

  3. Great list Melissa. I NEVER feel guilty about having my parents take the girls for overnights. My girls love it and multi-generational relationships are wonderful for children!

  4. I hear you about making your hubs feel guilty he doesn’t do as much of the kid stuff. I do that too sometimes, especially about daycare drop off and pick up which I do.

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