A Whole Foods Review: Vegan Style

In my little house of 3 both my husband and daughter eat meat while I’m vegan (I don’t eat animal products in any form, just my personal choice).

I will admit to being a newbie vegan as it’s only been about 3 months since I removed dairy (I was already a vegetarian). But it’s been a wonderful and interesting experience figuring out what to eat and I can honestly say that the saying “whatever you can eat I can eat vegan” is pretty darn true!

I’m super excited to review several vegan products you can find at your local Whole Foods. Everything below was provided by Whole Foods Glastonbury.


I’m going to start off with the things I absolutely LOVED:

1. Hail Merry products

Hello delicious! I had the chance to taste a few Hail Merry products and these babies will satisfy your sweet tooth in a big way. The macaroons (both chocolate and blondie) are to die for. The bag says that if they are eaten above 70 degrees they melt in your mouth so I conducted a little experiment. Since it’s winter in Connecticut and we keep our heat at 62 degrees I popped one in the microwave for 10 seconds. Result = melt in your mouth awesomeness. A big YES to their products! (Watch the video below of my daughter – clearly she approves!)

2. Moms’ Organic Munchies – Skinny Mint Cookie

Yowza another big hit in my house! You can eat this whole cookie (it’s pretty big) for under 200 calories. It’s delicious, minty, satisfying and rivals your favorite girl scout thin mints!


3. Nature’s All Freeze Dried Fruits

I was a little skeptical about these freeze-dried fruits but I actually really enjoyed them! I tried the banana and pineapple and both were totally yummy. I mixed them up in little bags with pistachio’s to have a yummy mid-morning snack at work. I love the convenience of this product and it’s super healthy! My daughter was a huge fan too and kept saying “nana, nana” because she wanted more!Capture

4. Hilary’s Veggie Burger

I love me a good veggie burger and this delivers! What I love about this one compared to others is that you can cook it up right on your stove top in no time at all. Whole Foods actually has an incredible variety of vegan veggie burgers and their 365 brand of vegan chicken pattys is my absolute favorite. Pop a Hilary’s or 365 veggie burger on a bun with some veggies and combine it with a side salad for a satisfying and healthy plant-based dinner.


5. Whole Foods 365 Brand Sweet Potato Chips

Again, totally delish. These chips are crispy, not overly sweet (as some sweet potato products can be) and are lightly salted. I ate them straight up but you could definitely enjoy these with some salsa or other vegan friendly dip.

On to my list of stuff I didn’t like as much:

1. Daiya Cheese

I had tried this cheese before and just couldn’t get with it. It gets great reviews online so I suggest trying it for yourself. Personally I felt like there was an aftertaste that I just didn’t enjoy. I have heard that this cheese is really meant to be melted so if you give it a whirl try cooking something with it. Unfortunately, my quest to find a really delish vegan cheese alternative hasn’t been very fruitful, that is until a few weeks ago! I recently had a chance to try Nutty Cow’s vegan ricotta and can say that is the BEST vegan cheese I have had (and I’m now mildly addicted to it). I’m not sure if it’s available in any Whole Foods but I would love to get it at my local store!

2. Alive & Well Kale Krunch

In this products defense, I don’t like Kale period. I did give it a try anyways but alas just couldn’t get on board with it. If you are a lover of Kale however you will love this product! It’s convenient and you can throw some in a bag in your purse and have a healthy snack during your day.


 3. Engine 2 Rip’s Big Bowl – Banana Walnut Cereal

I had the same problem with this product as I did the kale chips. I don’t like walnuts, like AT ALL, so I wasn’t a big fan of this cereal. I also thought the serving size was wicked small – in just a 1/2 cup there are 200 calories. However, if you are a walnut lover and like cereals that aren’t sweet this one will do you right.


That brings me to the end of the products I was given to review. I would be remiss though if I didn’t mention other vegan products that are a staple in my house (that I also buy at my local Whole Foods).

My faves:

Tofutti sour cream. I eat this with taco’s and it is awesome. I’ve even used it to make veggie spinach dip to go with chips and I swear it tastes just like regular sour cream. It’s also affordable at about $2.50/container. I have literally purchased 2-3 containers in one shot just to make sure I have it available.

Vegan sugar. Whole Foods has their own brand of vegan sugar. You may be wondering – isn’t sugar already vegan? I wondered the same thing and reached out to the folks at Vegan CT for an answer. They said, “Some sugar is processed using char from the bones of cows to make it white. It’s not super common, but it’s near impossible to tell whether or not the sugar you use is processed that way, so Whole Foods (very nicely!) provides a sugar that they guarantee is not processed using animal products.”

NuGo Bars. I tried one of these on a whim when I saw them at my Glastonbury Whole Foods. I love having nutrition bars around because they make a great mid-day snack. Many varieties of these bars are vegan and they have a whole bunch of flavors to choose from. My personal favorite flavor is the chocolate pretzel with sea salt. So freaking good!

Cafe Indigo Cakes. Whole Foods (at least mine) sells slices of these cakes and they are incredible. In fact I’ve ordered a whole carrot cake made by them for my husbands graduation party this weekend because he (who isn’t vegan) thinks this is the best carrot cake he’s ever had.

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this review. I received the products indicated in order to provide readers with an honest and fair review.

Huge props again to my local Whole Foods for hooking me up! Follow them via twitter & facebook.

10 thoughts on “A Whole Foods Review: Vegan Style

  1. The Nugo bars are amazing! And those Hilary burgers are wicked good. Love reading about a local vegan (plant-based) mom. I am at WFM in Gastonbury at least once a week.


  2. Those Salty Chocolate Pretzel NuGo bars are AMAZING! I had no idea they were vegan. Those bars, with a venti Pike’s Place Starbucks, were my dinner many nights when I was in grad school. Now that I read this, I am dying for them and may need to pick some up. Great review!!


  3. Whole Foods Glastonbury is a magical place! My daughter-in-law is assistant team leader in the Whole Body Department, and occasionally I visit her (alas, it’s 45 minutes from home). Last time I went, I got some delicious crab cakes and some super-dark Unique Pretzels (pretzels are my weakness). Everyone says WF is soooo expensive but there are always some good deals to be had and the selection and variety in G-bury is remarkable.


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