My Modeling Career


As a parent, you want nothing less than the absolute best for your child. We tell them on a daily basis where to go, to do this, don’t do that, eat this and not that – always with the best intentions of course (i.e. for health or safety reasons, and so on). Now that my daughter is about to turn 3 years old I am realizing more and more every day how much she catches on to. Sure she imitated sounds as a baby, then progressed to words, and now phrases.

In fact, just last week I was making dinner in the kitchen while she was playing with her baby doll. Next thing I know I hear her say, “Cry me a river. Cry me a river.” Now, that’s not a phrase my husband or I usually use with her. However, there were a couple of times my husband jokingly responded to some crocodile tears of hers by saying, “Oh cry me a river!”

I think, overall, I am a pretty good role model for my children but I have really started to evaluate all of the positive behaviors I would like my daughters to mimic. I also began to reflect on the behaviors I would like to better model for my children. In doing so, I felt I really needed to make more of an effort to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine and make healthier food choices.

This called for a plan of action:


I’ve always had a sort of love-hate relationship with exercise. Unfortunately it seems like the older I’ve become, the less fun exercising is. Since college, my experience with going to the gym has been that I work out in spurts, never consistent. This is a huge contributing factor to my weight fluctuation. I really want to get back in shape and more importantly set a healthy example for my girls. I have definitely been making some progress in this area. The Working Moms on the Move program has been keeping me motivated and I’m inspired by the other participating moms on a daily basis. I am currently participating in a WMOM 30 day challenge to incorporate more movement and exercise into my daily routine.

I’ve also started to get back into running (slow and steady wins the race, right?) and participated in my first ever race on Thanksgiving. I know myself when it comes to exercising and if I don’t have something or someone depending on me, it tends to get crossed off my “to-do” list. I need to be held accountable! I also signed up to run on a team in the overnight, 200 mile Ragnar Relay this coming May with eleven of my co-workers.  Setting these goals has helped to keep me focused and dedicated, although I still battle with self-doubting thoughts like, “What were you thinking? You’re crazy! You’ll never be able to do that.” I’d really like to say SHUT UP to those inner voices, thank you very much!

My friend and me after we completed the Manchester Road Race this past Thanksgiving!
My friend and me at the Manchester Road Race this past Thanksgiving!

Eating Healthy:

I began seeing a nutritionist and although much of the information I have learned seems like common sense, I have learned much more about the food that enters my body and the effects they have. My program is catered to my body and what works to keep it healthy and energized! In turn, my grocery shopping list included much more fruit, protein, and vegetables than before. I love food – especially the not so healthy kind – so this has probably been my biggest struggle. However, I feel that the more educated you are about the food that enters your body, the easier it will become to make healthy eating more of a second nature.


A group of my friends and I created, and are participating in, a “The Biggest Loser” inspired challenge. It’s a $5 buy in fee, you put in $1 every time you remain the same weight, and $2 if you gain any weight. Money can be a pretty strong motivator and I am also a very competitive person! The real reward, however, will be from the exercise and healthy food I’ll be munching on!


Recently, while I was heading out the door to get to my spinning class, my daughter asked, “Where you going?” I replied, “To the gym to go exercise!” She responded with, “I want to go exercise!”

So, although I am by no means a fashion model, I still have a modeling career. One that can help instill the desire for a healthy lifestyle in my daughters. I think that’s a much more important type of model anyway!

These beautiful girls motivate me like nothing else can!
These beautiful girls motivate me like nothing else can!

9 comments on “My Modeling Career”

  1. Wonderful! This is a great way to look at things. I, too, worry about how I’m modeling things at times. Since I have two boys, I feel like however I act is how they’ll expect women to act, if that makes any sense. Your girls are very lucky that you have this outlook!! Way to go!

    1. That definitely does make sense Sarah! It’s a good thing they have a great example! 😉 I think it’s also important to realize that we’re not perfect and explain that to our children. For example, I’m not ALWAYS going to make the best food choices (a girl’s gotta eat her cake sometimes, you know?) and I might not make it to the gym. But if I don’t become completely discouraged by my “slip ups” and keep working towards my goals, I think that says a lot more!

  2. Love this Carly! You are setting such a wonderful example for your little girls. I love hearing about everything you’re doing via working moms on the move. You are inspirational!

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