Toys For The Twos?

Building Blocks

I need help!

My two-year-old son has outgrown his toys and I have no idea what to buy him to keep him busy. We have the requisite cars, trains, play dough, crayons, and blocks, but the only things that seems to keep his attention are electronic. Isn’t there anything out there that will stimulate his mind without burning out his eyeballs? I know that he’d love a marble track and more advanced Legos, but with twins arriving in a few months, I have to avoid anything with small, delicious parts.

He loves to figure out how things work and I’m wondering if there are some fabulous building toys out there that won’t break the bank. I went to the toy store the other day to see what’s out there and I saw a magnetic building system that cost $200! I find it hard to find toys that are age appropriate. The puzzles that are rated for two-year-olds he solves like a speed chess champion, but more advanced jigsaw puzzles frustrate the hell out of him and he throws a hissy fit. How do I find toys that challenge but do not frustrate him?

I suppose the other obstacle is that it’s wintertime. This kid loves physical activity; he could kick and throw a ball around the backyard for hours, zip around a playground until dusk, and make an obstacle course out of rocks and puddles. But that’s out of the question in the cold weather, and our house is too small to run around in for long. We don’t have the room for indoor play-sets, cardboard spaceships, or plastic basketball hoops. I am at a loss. I’ve read the blogs and best-of lists out there and nothing pops out as innovative and reasonably priced. So mamas, please help a fellow mom out! Please post some suggestions below, and keep in mind I am approaching the freakishly large third trimester stage that makes movement difficult. So, please no suggestions for Twister. Thanks!

1. Affordable
2. Indoor toy
3. Challenging for 2 year old
4. Does not require adult participation
5. No video screen

8 thoughts on “Toys For The Twos?

  1. I second the play kitchen. I bit pricey, but it keeps both my daughters entertained for hours. We bought the kitchen and then had other family members buy the food. Although you can also just use boxes and cans (cleaned of course) from your own kitchen.


  2. My kids loved the wee wedgits (the “wee wedgit” version doesn’t have small pieces; there is a set designed for older kids, but it has small pieces). I loved how the pieces nest together in different ways to create towers, buildings, stars, whatever. a new twist on building blocks. It’s been my go-to gift for 1 and 2 year olds for a few years now and everyone I’ve gifted it to loves it. (and the pieces for the wee-wedgits are soft so they can be chewed on without hurting anyone or disintegrating) See

    And zoobs. I love that the connectors allow for motion / bending / twisting. You can build planes, robots, dogs, as tall or as short or as wide as you want. They have a variety of sets–a basic building set (plus a “zoob junior set is designed for smaller kids) and specific “car” sets or other similar things.


    Good luck!


  3. my daughter is 2 1/2 also and she got this for christmas from my mom:

    it’s $15 and she has played with it every day since christmas! she loves taking all the food pieces and making huge sandwiches we have to eat. probably a good 30 minutes every day she will play uninterupted with this kit. i still can’t believe it!

    and anythng food related she loves to play with. a toy kitchen and food can go a long way.


  4. My son is 2 1/2. He has a million toys, but his favorites are:

    Magformers (he has a 48 piece set which is plenty!) and the pieces aren’t that small that I’m worried about a little one choking –$uslarge$.

    Lauri Tall Stacker Pegs Building set (again, the pieces aren’t that small) –

    He also loves Thomas trains – and likes building tracks all around our living room.

    I hope you find something that he likes!


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