Less than one month until Valentine’s Day…let the planning begin!


On the weekends we “throwback” to older but still awesome posts.

Post Written by Sarah Bernhardson (January 2012)

I’m kind of a weird-o.

Valentine’s Day is my favorite winter holiday.

Of course I love Christmas…and I don’t love Valentine’s Day because I expect a fancy dinner out, jewelry and rose petals on every surface of my home (could you imagine the clean up?! UGH!).

I love it as a family day.

With two boys, I have made it a goal to teach them how to be appreciative of others and how to think of others in little ways. Valentine’s Day is a great day to teach this. I love making it a special day with tons of small details- fun, homemade crafts, heart-shaped treats, pink and red foods…the list goes on. I try to avoid the commercialized “Hallmark-ness” of the day and focus on making our own fun all day long.

As for my fancy, romantic Valentine’s Day dinner? It will probably look like this again this year:

…and I couldn’t be happier!! I wait all year for my heart-shaped pizza dinner (perhaps with cherry sodas this year??)

I’m looking for more homemade Valentine’s Day ideas! Let’s hear them!

2 comments on “Less than one month until Valentine’s Day…let the planning begin!”

  1. We used to make homemade mailboxes when we were kids so I’ll probably do that with my kids. I like the idea of going door-to-door and giving neighbors (especially elderly ones?) homemade Valentines, too. We might make cookies but for food allergy reasons, I’m trying to get away from associating every holiday with food.

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