Moving Very Slowly…


So, when we put our house on the market almost 1 year ago (first week of April to be exact), why didn’t anyone tell me that moving is not easy?  I know why we did it, and to be honest, it was a very smart move for my kids.  We are now in a town where we are comfortable with the education our kids are going to be getting, especially my youngest in the special education program.  But, why is it almost one year later and we are still not situated yet?

After five months of keeping my house spotless (or at least pretty spotless…no one needs to know all my dirty clothes were shoved into the washer and dryer.  Or that my car was loaded up with about 5 boxes of stuff that I quickly picked up a few seconds before the showing), we finally got an offer on our house.  This was back in September, yet we still had to wait almost 2 whole months to close.  We were so thrilled to be over the first big hurdle!  Of course, then it hit us.  We had nowhere to go!

We scrambled for a few weeks trying to find just anything, but nothing was fitting our criteria.  We needed a home office for me, a play room area for the kids, at least three bedrooms, a back yard for playing, no obvious major projects, a quiet road and very few stairs, if possible.  I mean, we only had a few requests.  The closing date got closer, and closer…and closer.  We still had nothing.  I think that I’m usually pretty easy-going, and live by the saying, “things will fall into place.”  But they didn’t.  No house came along.

Thankfully, my in-laws were able to take us in.  We moved our family of four into my in-laws house, setting up the family room as our bedroom.  It’s not the easiest set up, but we are so thankful that we have this chance to find a house that fits our family’s needs and save money in the process.  We’ve been living here since the end of October, and still have found nothing.

But let’s get back to my original question?  Why is this taking so long?  Am I really being that picky?  Next thing we know it’s going to be Springtime and I’m going to have to head to the storage unit and find all of our Spring and Summer clothes…I was really hoping not to have to go through a change of seasons!

As it stands now, we have a few options, but none of them are looking good.  One is a short sale, one is not on the market yet, and the other one is listed way too high for the type of house it is!  Eek.  Anyone looking to sell their house?

4 comments on “Moving Very Slowly…”

  1. We were nearly in the same bind last year. Long story short, we got an offer that had some flexibility with closing so we had an extra month to look…but still didn’t find anything until nearly the last possible minute…then bank messed up with closing date…what a mess. We didn’t end up needing to move into temp housing but on the day our house went on the market, we looked at it and made an offer within hours. It’s not exactly what we wanted – street is busier than I like and I’m still not used to it 6 months later – but it has other charms that I love. Hang in there – I feel your pain – so stressful!

  2. I just went through the same thing last year. With a new born. In our case, we had the sale of our house fall threw the day before the closing – so we did not want to look until the after the ‘second’ closing with a new buyer. We did a rent-back from the buyer for 30 days. In my case I could not handle being unsettled. The thought of moving twice was more than I could bare. The good news is we did find a house. The nice part of looking this time of year is that things will come on the market. You are also in a good position to pick up a forclosure for a good price.
    The house we bought was by no means my dream home. It is a new colonial (I hate colonials) when I had hoped to find a cozy cape or 19th century farm house. I am learning to make it ours and now, a year later I have finally stopped looking on line for a better deal. I like our house and I love the area we are in….but newness takes time. I also had a ‘void’ after we moved in- I was so used to looking, I had a hard time turning my search engine off and just taking a deep breath in. If it matters, we sacraficed charm and quaint for square footage and I am glad we did. Both would have been nice but it wasn’t in our cards.
    Hang in, the spring market is here and there will be lots of nice listings for you!

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