Winter Play Ideas

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 As we welcome February and face at least another 6 weeks of chilly winter days, it can be tempting to sit our little ones in front of the television more often than we’d like to.  I myself am guilty of letting my girls watch a few too many episodes of Doc McStuffins as of late.  That being said, the timing seems ripe for a gentle reminder to get down on the floor and play with your children whenever you have the chance!  The laundry and dust mites will still be there when you finish that game of Memory but your babies will not always want to spend an afternoon doing Mommy’s hair.  Build forts, make your own play dough (recipes can be found with a quick Google search or see my prior play dough post), color together, play dress-up or just snuggle up and read a good book.  As most moms know, kids also love to “help” so instead of turning on cartoons while you do the dishes, pull up a stool and let them get their hands wet.

If you are looking for a more techy alternative to children’s television shows, there are dozens of great kids websites offering games, activities and educational resources.  

Specifically, some of our favorites are, which is a great educational website for Pre-K aged children and older that helps kids sound out letters and words with attractive pictures and graphics and interactive stories.  The Nick Jr. website has customizable chore charts, games, crafts, and recipes featuring your favorite characters and features stories read aloud by celebrity personalities who are members of the Screen Actors Guild such as Betty White.


And don’t forget that kids enjoy outdoor play even in the Winter so if the temperature is above freezing, bundle up and head outside to blow bubbles or play tag.  A little fresh air makes everyone feel good and while it may seem far off now, I promise that before we know it, the daffodils will be in bloom!


Happy playing!


For Full disclosure: I did not receive any compensation for mentioning the websites above.  My opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of

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