Mother’s Promise


Over the past eight months I’ve been soul searching for the best qualities and examples I can portray as a mother to my daughter. Never before in my life have I worked so hard at trying to improve my overall well-being to benefit someone else. Through these efforts I have created a list of promises to myself that I hope I will always keep as a mother.


–          I promise to be patient, understanding and non-judgmental

–          I promise to be loving, caring and nurturing even during the most stressful times of parenting

–          I promise to provide an opportunity for my daughter’s spiritual growth

–          I promise to teach her that there is no end to her success

–          I promise to teach her just how important having a strong and close family really is

–          I promise to let her make her own decisions as there will be times she needs to see the consequences to her actions

–          I promise to not hold back in allowing her to obtain her desires and dreams

–          I promise to be there for her when she has her own children just as my mother did for me

–          I promise to teach her that materialistic items are not everything in life

–          I promise to teach her to “work to live” not “live to work”

–          I promise to teach her independence and confidence by allowing her to feel comfortable at a very young age to ask questions

–          I promise to teach her respect and loyalty

–          I promise to never let her abandon her commitments

–          I promise to ensure she experiences new things and new places

–          I promise to ensure there is a close bond between her and her father

Ladies, are there any promises you have made to yourself to better bring up your children?

5 comments on “Mother’s Promise”

  1. I love this! This is a great list, Melissa. Refer to it often and try not to beat yourself up if you aren’t always doing every single one of these.

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