Pumping at Work Will Make You Stronger

On the weekends we “throwback” to older but still awesome posts.

Post Written by Patty Girard (Feb 2012)

Short on ideas of what to blog about this week, I came across this post from the NY Times about the dreaded mom chore of pumping milk. Reading this made me chuckle but it also sends a good message so I am sharing for all ladies who have been daring enough to continue breastfeeding after returning to work as you deserve to be recognized and applauded!

After reading the above post, I began to think back to my own breastfeeding days. Upon returning to work after my first daughter was born, I was embarrassed by the whole idea of pumping at work. I had to ask for blinds to be installed on my office window so I could close the door and pump when I needed to. Because they didn’t want me to be the only one with blinds, the other attorneys had blinds installed in their offices too. It was a little strange that other people’s offices were being changed as a result of me deciding to breastfeed my child and it made for some interesting conversations around the water cooler. Someone would say to my co-worker, “Hey, what’s with the new blinds, Jim?” Jim would reply, “oh, Patty is breastfeeding her baby.” This would usually result in a baffled expression, but no further inquiries.

I sometimes had to pull over when I was on the road traveling to hearings and pump in the back of a CVS parking lot or a parking garage outside of a courthouse. Pumping in the car can be quite the challenge to say the least. I always washed all the odd-looking booby accessories in the office kitchen sink and nobody seemed to mind. I carried little plastic bottles of breastmilk from my office to the refrigerator without issue. No strange looks, no uncomfortable comments. Looking back, I am grateful for this. Milking yourself is weird enough so it was nice not having to deal with anything else. I am sure that some of my co-workers could hear my double Medela working hard behind my closed door every three hours but nobody said anything. I was an old-pro when I returned to work after my second daughter was born and not the least bit embarrassed. The humiliation fades away with experience I guess.

So for anyone considering this, pumping at work is not fun and it’s not always easy but it is completely doable and will only make you stronger!

One thought on “Pumping at Work Will Make You Stronger

  1. I pumped at work for the first year and never regretted it for a minute. I think it’s good for people to do whatever works best for them. When I stopped I was told if I had wanted to continue it would be fine and they would support me. And this is coming from male owners amazing how supportive some companies can be. We also end up so scared in the beginning the whole something new.


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