“How do you take your coffee?” and other obstacles overcome at the IVF info session



As you may remember from last week’s post, my husband and I recently attended an information session for those beginning the IVF process.

I think the first true test of our willingness to do IVF was trying to find the info session.  When we scheduled the appointment, we were told where at the hospital to park and the room number of the lecture room where the session was to take place.  When we got there, we found ourselves in a cavernous lobby, with no directory, looking for some sort of sign that would tell us where to go.  Even the doctor I flagged down was totally baffled and told me to try the library.  Eventually, directions in hand, my husband and I ended up navigating two other lost couples through the maze of corridors—take this hallway to the end, left turn through the double doors into the Police Department Lobby, diagonally though the lobby down the hallway to the ARB lobby in the Research Building, the conference room is on your right, shouldn’t we have been told to use this entrance directly across from the conference room?—until we finally made it to the site of the info session.  Apparently we weren’t the only ones having trouble finding the room—the session started almost a half hour late because others for *some* reason were not on time.  My husband and I joked that finding the room was designed to show the doctors who was really committed to the IVF process.  Okay, not funny, and not fair to those couples who weren’t there for one reason or another, but it did give us a bit of stress relief to laugh about the situation.

Then, as we waited for others to show up, one husband stood up to get coffee for him and his wife and turned to her and asked “do you want cream in your coffee?”  Len and I turned to each other then, thinking the same thing: you’ve been together presumably for a long time, at least long enough to have tried conceiving a baby with no luck so as to lead you to an IVF info session, and you still don’t know how she takes her coffee?  At least we know this information about each other, and can move on to the big questions, you know, about IVF.

And then, after the Power Point presentation, the technology wouldn’t work to view the video.  We had to go home to complete the second portion of the presentation.

But, no matter.  We had made it this far.  The first, real step towards IVF was complete, the second appointment has been scheduled, and we are well on our way.  Even if it first meant a maze and technological difficulties (and now, complications with my blood work, don’t get me started), all of these supposed setbacks will one day seem inconsequential when we are surrounded by our family.  One we can say we fought hard for during this journey.

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6 comments on ““How do you take your coffee?” and other obstacles overcome at the IVF info session”

  1. Argh, this would completely infuriate me. As if you’re not stressed out enough, all you need is a poorly run, poorly organized info. session complete with technical mishaps and confusing directions. I’m glad you got through it with a laugh. I’m not sure I could be as patient, but you’re totally right, this will seem small in the grand scheme of things. I just have such issues with hospitals in particular — they have no interest in improving customer service, because people will always need hospitals, so there’s no fear of loss of patronage.

  2. I always say that no one will ever be able to say we did not want these kids and love them with everything we have even before they were a reality!! It’s such a process to go through but once you have your baby(ies) it seems like it was YEARS ago!!

  3. Gena, you’ll be able to tell your babies (plural!) how much you wanted them and how much crap you had to go through to get them!!

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