How Valentine’s Day Has Changed…


I remember years ago (Holy Shit it has been almost 10 years!) when my husband (then boyfriend) spent our first Valentine’s Day together. My sexy, strapping boyfriend came to my door with roses, and brought me to a fancy restaurant in Hartford. Now you have to understand, I was a graduate student who was usually negative at the end of the month because I was so broke.  So to go from eating ramen noodle to an upscale restaurant left me speechless. I actually got dressed up and felt very “mature” for a night. I remember thinking “No more wings and beer for me, this girl is going HIGH class”!  We had a wonderful evening of conversation, wine and flirtation.  I even peaked at the bill when it came and almost fell over at the idea that the dinner we had just consumed could have paid my car insurance, utilities and for some more ramen noodle for the whole month.

Oh so much romance...
Oh so much romance…

After a few glasses of wine (I was one sophisticated lady that night) I could feel the anticipation brimming in me. I was giving him the look and he hurried to get me home. He dashed out the door and collected the car. When we got back to his apartment I felt dizzy with love and he gave me one last present. A gorgeous box with a stunning piece of jewelry that sparkled for days. I will not go into detail but the rest of the evening was very nice for my husband, if you catch my drift.

Bow Chica Wow Wow
Bow Chica Wow Wow

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day 2013 and you will see a very different picture. My Husband wakes up an hour before me and gives me a kiss goodbye while I am passed out with maybe a little drool on myself. After rushing around to get my son ready for the day I then go to work.

What I look like in the morning
What I look like in the morning

After a hectic day at work I pick my son up and start the evening ritual of dinner, and bedtime. Max is a terror! His canine teeth are coming in and he is a toddler so this combination makes him Satan’s Spawn for the evening.

Teething + Toddler = My Son
Teething + Toddler = My Son

My husband comes through the door after work (poor guy leaves earlier than me and comes back later than me), hands me a card but more importantly takes Max and starts to play with him. He took over bath and bed time and let me relax. I read his card and he wrote the sweetest things which brought a smile to my face. He then comes downstairs hugs me and I rush him out the door to catch a local basketball game with his friends.

I got the house to myself and watched some teen angst show on Netflix and went to bed early.

Yup I am watching this crap on Netflix and I love it!
Yup I am watching this crap on Netflix and I love it!

That is my Valentine’s Day now, and you know what: IT WAS FABULOUS!

Do not get me wrong I love a fancy dinner every once in a while, but I will take help with Max and relaxation over one any day. So to all my hectic crazy working moms out there whether it was a dozen roses, hours of sex, jewelry, quiet time, or a clean house; I hope you got exactly what you wanted and needed this Valentine’s day.

5 comments on “How Valentine’s Day Has Changed…”

  1. How did i not forget to say how much i love this????? This year, getting out for a valentine’s day date night on Saturday was a gift from God!!! That’s all i need- a night out at Lenny & Joe’s with my man, and a huge heart shaped box of Russell Stover. done and done.

  2. Great post. My valentine’s day consisted of my husband picking up the kids early from daycare, and taking care of dinner (pizza and heart shaped donuts – two of the kids’ most favorite things). The kids were in heaven between coming home from school early, pizza and pink donuts, and looking at all the goodies their classmates gave them. After dinner, we had a toddler dance party (Gangnam Style) – perhaps not the best idea on a full tummy – then bathtime with LOTS of bubbles. Then we colored through half of the pages in their new coloring books until bedtime. Simple, heartfelt, family time. BEST.VALENTINE’S DAY.EVER. I would trade a hundred romantic dinners and a field of flowers for days like this!

  3. Haha! It was so funny thinking about how it used to be and how it is now. The best thing was realizing I am happy with how it is now 🙂

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