Let’s Get Real


So my oldest daughter is starting to get into the whole Barbie doll thing.  No big deal, right?  I played with Barbies growing up and can remember spending countless hours dressing and undressing my dolls with my best friend and acting out dates, weddings, hissy fights and the like with Barbie, Ken, Skipper and the gang. However, I can’t help but notice that while some things have stayed the same in Barbie world (she is still a D cup and has a 34″ waist with long, silky blonde hair), Barbie’s wardrobe seems to have shrunk…literally.  I bought my daughter a large Barbie bin to keep all her dolls and accessories in and I thought it would be fun to get her a bunch of clothes for Barbie’s closet but what I found in the stores was rather absurd to say the least.

Shelves are stocked with skimpy, risqué, tight-fitting clothes that often borderline being fit for a hooker.  We’re talking short skirts that barely cover her ass, cleavage-bearing tops, and basically slut gear across the board.

barbie dress

Even the Barbie veterinarian doll shows off her curves, and let’s just hope our little animal lover doesn’t drop something during Fido’s check-up because if our pageant pretty vet doll needs to bend over, everyone in the room will almost certainly see her buttocks.

Now I am not a prude when it comes to this kind of stuff and I know that sex sells but is this really necessary? My daughter at age 4 may be young to start out with Barbies but quite frankly, I don’t like the message that Barbie’s attire is sending to girls and women of any age. Let’s get real.  A veterinarian (even a pretty one) wears scrubs. Loose fitting scrubs, probably with cute kittens or puppy patterns on them with a pair of crocs or sneakers on her feet.  Her hair is in a sloppy bun or a plain jane pony tail.  Never will you see a veterinarian wearing a short, pink dress.  EVER.

Let’s face it.  Unless your children frequent night clubs or you drive them by cheap, roadside motels at all hours, they probably don’t see women wearing this type of clothing.  So why then does such a well-known American icon dress so scantly?  I remember Barbie’s wardrobe being glamourous and a little sassy but not totally unrealistic.  I’m just saying that wouldn’t it be refreshing for our children to be able to dress Barbie in a hoodie and sweats with a baseball cap adorning the logo of her favorite MLB team?  Or a knee length skirt with a conservative blazer and blouse? or a turtle neck and a nice pair of slacks?

There is a line between sexy and slutty and I think our popular blonde bombshell may have crossed it.

I find this veterinarian outfit to be ridiculous!


Photo credit here and here.

8 comments on “Let’s Get Real”

  1. I remember the glamorous evening gowns, but I was also really into making my own Barbie clothes with scraps of material salvaged from my Grandma’s sewing room! I made lots of vest/skirt ensembles because they were the easiest!

  2. Wow. That is really shocking. She looks like a 1950’s diner waitress, not a vet. I mean, from a marketing perspective, how does this even work? Kids who actually go to the vet with their parents see all the people working there in scrubs, and I think they will be smart enough to look at this doll and question her gear. Parents will object to the short skirt. Does this thing actually sell?

  3. Totally agree! And what’s with the weird painted pink legs? I got lucky and found a box of Barbie clothes from the 70’s in my mom’s attic. Trippy duds but high coverage at least! I would try etsy too if you’re serious about finding some more conservative clothes.

  4. I totally agree! Barbie was a bit unrealistic in my childhood (really who wears all those glittery evening gowns?), but it is getting to be completely ridiculous! I have pretty much banned Barbie from the house- if Ava wants to play dress-up dolls, we can surely find something else or maybe find some clothes on eBay.

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