How to spell love

We were sitting on the floor – me, cross legged and she in my lap – drawing on the chalkboard wall.

As I wrote the letters, she called them out:


L – O – V – E


“What does that spell?” I asked.

“Mommy!” she said.

I just smiled, writing that word next. As before, she named the letters as I drew.


M – O – M – M – Y


Again, I asked, “What does that spell?”

“LOVE!” she exclaimed, so pleased with herself for knowing the answer.


Yes, sweet girl. She’s right, after all.

Love is mommy, and mommy is love.



6 thoughts on “How to spell love

  1. L O V E this! I know they probably don’t really understand how much stuff like this means to us, but they are so pure and honest (sometimes to a fault)!


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