The No-Guilt Mom’s Night Out


If you have young children and a trustworthy adult who adores your kids, and you have not yet let your children spend the night at that trustworthy adult’s house, please please please let this post give you the nudge to make the arrangements and start planning a little break from reality for yourself!  I’m serious.  We all know that being a mom is a twenty-four hour a day job and it can be good for everyone if Mom gets some time off every now and again.  Make plans to go to the movies and dinner with your love or spend an evening at the mall, browsing and taking your time shopping; or simply sit at home and enjoy some peace and quiet if that’s more your speed.  It really does not matter what you do as long as you do something for yourself.

My daughters spent this past weekend at one of their Grammy and Papa’s houses and they had a blast.  This is the second time that they have spent a night away from home without me and I cannot say how grateful I am that they enjoy spending quality time with their Grammy.  After their first sleepover at Grammy’s, both of my daughters kept asking when they could go back! Of course, I miss them and the house is awkwardly quiet while they are away but it feels incredible to take a night to myself and do something just for me.  While my daughters were snuggled up with Grammy sleeping comfortably in my childhood bedroom, I enjoyed a few cocktails, yummy food, good company and  earth-shaking music.  Did I mention the silver and white confetti and Adam Levine?  I know what you must be thinking…fun for everyone across the board!  Seriously, here is a picture of my oldest daughter playing at Grammy’s house:


Doesn't this look like FUN?
Doesn’t this look like FUN?


As a side note, I highly would recommend seeing Maroon 5 in concert if you have the chance, or any rocking band for that matter.  There is nothing like good, live music to make you feel alive!

It can be easy to start to feel like you are losing yourself once you have kids and take on the roles of Mom, Wife, Housekeeper, Peacemaker, Household Planner, Referee, Chauffeur, Family Chef, etc. etc. etc. UNLESS you make an effort to continue to do things that you love to do and that you loved to do before having babies.  And don’t for one second feel any guilt about taking a break because as I am sure that most women would agree, spending some time away from your kids will only make you appreciate them more (and they you)!

So, what are you waiting for?!

7 comments on “The No-Guilt Mom’s Night Out”

  1. What a great time. And…I’m not sure if you noticed, but I scooped up some of that silver and white confetti, I put it in my jeans pocket. I plan to show it to the girls when they are teenagers…see what fun Moms can have together?!

  2. Yes, yes, yes! We have done this, and it is great! We even had a few weekends in the fall where hubby and I both had to work some crazy weekend hours, so my mom offered to meet us halfway and take the kids for the weekend (they live in NH too, Heather!)… Even though we were working during the day, we were free at night to hang out together and with friends, and it was really nice (and even a but relaxing?!?).

  3. A couple of years ago my parents who live in NH asked if they could take my oldest son on vacation with them and his cousin. It took my husband and I about one second to say SURE! Then we had our second son and I thought there is no way my parents will take both boys for a week. Sure enough my mom called and said that they wanted to take the boys on vacation again and give my husband and I some time alone and to pack since we were moving last summer. So this week my Wonderful, giving, loving mother called and asked if they could take the boys again this summer for vacation. It took me a half a second to say yes! (I didn’t consult with hubby since I knew he would say the same thing). After this last week or so I have begun counting the days until they go on vacation with Grammy and Pepere! It is the best thing for all of us. We all have a nice time and my husband and I get a chance to be DINKS (Dual Income No Kids) for a week! Except for the car seats in the back of both cars! So Here Here to the mini vacations and the renewing of Mommies everywhere!

  4. I know you are right Patty but I don’t know why I have such a hard time letting other people watch Lills. It’s not that I don’t trust people, I think I just feel guilty. Dan and I haven’t left Lillian alone overnight yet and she’s almost 2!

    1. I’m with you on this! My kids are 2.5 and we haven’t left them alone overnight yet. Mommyguilt really sucks sometimes!

    2. FWIW, my daughter is almost 4, and we have just this month found a babysitter and starting having date nights (not even overnights, just date nights!). I was pushing to do it sooner, but my husband was not comfortable with it, I think partly because our daughter didn’t seem ready. And, while I wish we had done it sooner, there is something to be said for waiting until everyone is ready. At almost 4, she pretty happily stayed home and played with the babysitter. There was no trauma or drama. It made going out feel fun and guilt-free. So, hang in there, and keep an open mind.

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